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«… glitter at the beautiful woman, where she tries dress after dress»

This is the new in housing advertisements.

It may no longer be possible to clean and clean the apartment. Little home styling can also help in sales.

For example, if you use the Swedish broker Fantastic Frank, you have to count on more than one orchid in the window sill and some scented candles on the table. The brokerage house is known to go new ways in pursuit of buyers’ attention.

A similar trend has now also come to Norway. Boa real estate agency, appointed by Norway’s Real Estate Broker (NEF) to this year’s gold broker for several years in a row, is enthusiastic housing salesmen.

Fictional stories, great pictures, and innovative styling will entice stakeholders for viewing.

The property, which is for sale, is a 3 bedroom apartment at Botanic Garden in Oslo. It is 59 square meters and has a price estimate of 2.3 million. The most sensational is not the price, but the language of the captions.

Trying some poetry in captions

In the image of the bedroom we find this text:

“He could lie in bed all morning. Just lie on the beautiful woman, where she tries dress after dress behind the veil.”

And here’s an excerpt from the other captions:

“The backyard smiles at the guests. She looks up and loves the sound of stilet heels to the ground”.

“The grandmother always said: A good hostess always offers a little glass of sherry. She followed the advice.”

“Did he really dance on the table. Yes, he had it. And that’s why she loved him.”

The brokerage company, which started in 2006, clearly focuses on the presentation of the home and collaborates with professional marketers and stylists. The goal is to offer a somewhat different concept. Perhaps unfamiliar to sturdy Norwegians.

«... glitter at the beautiful woman, where she tries dress after dress»

FREQUENT LANGUAGES: “They stayed longer than she had thought. Good friends. Good company. Fantastic macros”. Photo: Screenshot Finn.no

Pointing out the communication

– It’s about sharpening your communication so you capture the interest of people who really appreciate the apartment. This is far from the major banks’ assembly line prospects. We do not want to create an advertisement that everyone likes, but rather create an ad that we believe the audience will appreciate, says broker Tommy Friestad in Boa Real Estate.

He says that they have a whole team of copywriters, housing stylists and photographers who burn for housing presentation – and are looking to find the unique qualities of each home.

– You are not afraid that anyone will think that this is overlooked?

– Yes, of course, more people will argue. We accept constructive criticism, but think that we must try a little. If you do not dare you do not develop, Friestad answers.

Director Finn Tveter in the Norwegian Real Estate Association (NEF) thinks it’s delicious with some enjoyment.

– As long as the ad matches the industry norm and all necessary information is included, we value creativity, he says.

Not sales trigger

Rector Trond Blindheim at the Marketing College seems that the word usage is going to be well-functioning.

– I do not think the text is directly selling, but it must be allowed to decorate the bride.

He tells us that the ad can be interpreted as a checker and you’re welcome to get a little extra. Nest steps are view, ie the actual friery – and finally the purchase and relocation of the relationship.

Works well

However, the mentioned advertisement works, Friestad’s broker is convinced, not least considering that there have been thousands of clicks on FINN, a total of 40 people on display. When we talk to him, he sits in the middle of the bidding round.

– Everything can be sold if the price is right, says Blindheim, which emphasizes that some brokers present homes better than others.

Nevertheless, you will not ignore the fact that those who purchase the apartment take care of the ad, show it to friends and smile a bit of it, he concludes.

If the ad worked? It may be. The property in the advertised advertisement was at least recently sold for 2,660,000 kroner, which is 360,000 above the price proposition.

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