Give the kids real tools

Why should the kids play with cheap play tools when there are proper variants in the tool shop.

Give the kids real tools

Give the kids real tools

14 major tooltests

If you go to a proper hardware store, there are alternatives that make the kids want to master the snow ring much better.

And with a few simple adjustments, the puzzle comes to a proper turn.

See our tips here.

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Give the kids real tools

Screwboard: pre-drill holes approximately one mm. less than the screw dimension. Photo: Øivind Lie

There are many variants of small screwdrivers with bit fittings.

These are so small that they are handled well by a two-year-old.

Cut a piece of board with a little thickness, and drill many holes (7 mm).

Does not live all the way through.

Buy screws with hexagon head (8mm) and bolts with bits that fit the screws.

Then the screws will be screwed in and out of the table bit for the rest of the day.

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You can also buy live with a bit and let the child drill in a piece of wood, but then you have to keep up with.

It’s becoming tempting to test the drill on other things.


Give the kids real tools

Drill: The smallest screw drills can be handled by small hands. 159, – Clas Ohlson online store Photo: foto: Øivind Lie

Small baufiles are well suited.

Give the kids real tools

Saw: The smallest baufiles are suitable for small carpenters. Photo: Øivind Lie

To prevent the blade from jamming and it will take a lot of time for the baby to cut.

Nail two tables and make some startup tracks to make it easier to get started.


Here you can go for a children’s hammer, or the smallest adult hammer.

Give the kids real tools

Sagebrett: Merge two tablespoons and make some sawdust so it’s easy to get started. Photo: Foto: Øivind Lie

Big nails are easier to hit than small ones.

Give the kids real tools

Bankboard: Drill holes and find big nails, and you’ll have a banquet for furthering. Photo: foro: Øivind Lie

Drill a lot of holes in a table piece, but avoid drilling all the way through.

Release the tip of the nail for better safety.


These tools are not intended for small children and may have small parts that can loosen.

Therefore, the child must be kept under supervision.

It is also important to choose large screws and nails so that they can not be swallowed.

Give the kids real tools

Hearing protection: There is hearing protection adapted for children. 179, – Complete. no Photo: Photo Øivind Lie

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