Get plenty of space on a small bath

Here’s how to decorate a small bathroom

Get plenty of space on a small bath

Do you have a small bathroom and need inspiration to decorate it? Interior architects Helene Holm and Nina Hæg, who previously operated HAEG HOLM Interior Architects MNIL, have tips that can inspire you to adjust the bathroom, especially when there is little space and the space must be maximized.

– For small bathrooms, it is smart to have the lighting embedded in the mirror or on either side of the mirror. If you place the lights on the side, they should be a maximum of ten centimeters outside the mirror surface, says interior architects.

They recommend using contrasts in material use, such as light tiles to a décor in a darker color, possibly for three. But beware; Do not mix too many contrasts, it can quickly give a messy impression.

– Use the entire area. Use the cavity over the wall-mounted toilet. Create cupboards or shelves in niches, “says interior architects. – Use materials that are easy to maintain, and a wall-mounted toilet makes cleaning much easier.

Finally, and not least: Mirror magnifies the room effectively, and can be a reasonable investment. Below are some examples of products adapted to smaller bathrooms.

Get plenty of space on a small bath

ROUND WASH. Washing WT. RS325 from Alape is only 32.5 centimeters in diameter and 29 centimeters high, NOK 8,400, -. Photo: Producer

Round wash on a small bath

If you invest in a round and small sink to hang right on the wall, you save space. For example, the laundry units of Alape are adapted to small bathrooms, the steel-glazed sinks are also nice to look at. The sinks are available in several geometric shapes.

It’s easy to tear down things from open shelves in a tight bathroom. This shelf from Danish Tilt is aluminum and it comes with non-slip silicone mat is machine washable. You can also mount non-slip mats on shelves you already have, keeping things in place.

Important with good organization on small bathrooms

Get plenty of space on a small bath

COMPACT. Long-lasting vanity unit with a door, kr 895, handkerchiefs, soap bowl and stainless steel dish are included in the price. Dimensions: B: 40 cm, D: 41 cm, H: 92 cm. Tube mixer with bottom valve that saves water without losing water pressure, $ 245, all from Ikea. Photo: Producer

Get plenty of space on a small bath

ON PLACE. The shelf from Vipp has sensible dimensions: H: 23 cm B: 50.5 cm and D: 18.5cm. It has non-slip mats on the shelf surfaces, and is available in white and black. Kr 1749, -. Photo: Anders Hviid © HVIIDPHOTOGRAPHY

Small space should be well organized. Then you do not waste time searching for things and it does not have to be expensive. On Ikea, you can, for example, have compact solutions like the one you see above. Attach the soap dish and storage tray to the sink and clean room for other things on the edge.

In a cramped bathroom it is easy to get rid of sharp edges on cabinets and drawers. We found a nice drawer with rounded corners at Danish Dansanis, it does not hurt you much if you hide away.

Smart lighting

Mirrors are practical and space-saving. This ingenious bathroom mirror above is equipped with a lamp that is activated by a sensor that detects movement in the room, it can also be connected to the ceiling light.

Get plenty of space on a small bath

EDGE ON THE SIDE. Vanity unit with drawer Curvo, from NOK 16,660, -. Dansani. Photo: Producer

Get plenty of space on a small bath

lit. The mirror is designed by Philippe Starck for Duravit, from kr 6998, Photo: Producer

The mirror is divided by a bent hinge so that the part without a lamp can be reversed. Behind the mirror there is also room for toiletries.

Bad with placement-enabled solution

The bath above has got a plasma-adapted solution. The carpenter built towel shelves of large tiles under the sink. The shelves are dressed with the same tiles as the floor, which creates a whole room.

The open shelf solution works in a bathroom that is tight and small. The mirror over the sink has recessed light, and the mirror helps the room to appear bigger.

Get plenty of space on a small bath

OPEN SOLUTION. Rustic tiles measuring 60 x 60 cm, Pearl Blue from Fagflis. Vasken Turin from Korsbakken. The mirror is 55 centimeters wide, from Scala. Photo: Espen grønli

Multiple funcionals in one

Get the furniture up from the floor, so the floor surface works bigger and you easily get the long-term cleaning costs.

This open shelf system in the picture below offers two features in one and the same furniture, both storage and mirrors. The mirror is mounted on the side. Slim, smart and practical.

Get plenty of space on a small bath

WALL MOUNTED. Invita’s newest series Cool Corner has a Corian worktop with fitted sink and rounded corners. Price $ 12,000 for this trendline vanity unit. Table price incl. Washings vary depending on the material you choose, from 10,000 to 20,000 kroner, Invita. dk. Photo: Producer

Get plenty of space on a small bath

ALL IN ONE. Cabinet from the new bathroom series Darling New from German Duravit, kr 3360, Photo: Producer


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