Get greener lawn than the neighbor

A fresh and green lawn is simply not attainable. Here are great tips that will help you a long way.

Get greener lawn than the neighbor

We would like everyone to have the perfect lawn, but do you really know how to make the lawn more green and greener than the neighbor?

Knut Tveit is procurement coordinator in Hageland. He explains to Click. No, you’ll get green lawn when you fertilize properly.

– Grunngjødslele with an organic fertilizer (pelletized chicken / poultry fertilizer) when the lawn begins to grow in spring. Continue with a regular fertilizer once a month until the end of July / mid August.

– Do you want to give an extra boost in the summer if there is a lot of rain or you often water, you fertilize with calcareal peat that gives the lawn an excess of nitrogen and a great green color.

Clover for a greener lawn

The gardener at Plantasjen, Hilde Poppe, advises you to cut the lawn often and little, and not too short.

– The grass length should be at least five centimeters.

– Use a good bioclip that allows the grass to lie down and fertilize the lawn. If you cut it shortly, the light sheds down to the ground and provides better growth conditions for moss, weeds and also results in drying out. It also withstands less traction.

Feel free to use a grass blend with a clover. According to the gardener, clover will fix nitrogen and provide a steady nitrogen supply to the grass which will then have a fresh and fine green color.

Cut the lawn with sharp blades

Remember to shave the lawn in the spring when it has dried up and ventilate the lawn further by jamming at regular intervals and shaking down a layer of sandy soil afterwards, Poppe points out.

– This provides better drainage and air to the roots. You can also vertically cut the roots, which causes closer growth. Also, remember to check the knives on the mower two to three times a year, depending on how much it is used. The blades should be sharp.

10 tips for a greener lawn

Get greener lawn than the neighbor

So often you should wash the terrace

Below is Maxbo’s 10 tips for a pretty and green lawn.

1. Straighten the lawn early in the spring

You must rake the lawn early in the spring. Twigs and leaves must be removed so that the lawn has good growth conditions. If you struggle with moss in the lawn, there are motorized moss removers that fix this.

2. The lawn must have air

The next thing you have to do is flush the lawn. Then you use a handle as you stick about 10 centimeters into the ground at 20 centimeters intervals across the lawn.

This way the roots of the grass get more air, making it more vital. If you have not grabbed or failed to do this job manually, there are separate lawnmowers that make the job better, faster and more comfortable.

3. Lime

If there is enough lime in the lawn you will find out by measuring the pH in the soil. If it is too high, the lawn is limed too much, if it is too low, the lawn is limed too little.

4. Fertilizer

Fertilizers are most likely not too much of. Many people think it’s going to fertilize the lawn once a year. It is not true. A pretty lawn has most likely received regular fertilizer delivery. Keep in mind that if there is a lot of sand in the soil, the lawn must have even more fertilizer.

5. Irrigation

Get greener lawn than the neighbor

ALWAYS: There are actually more things you can do to achieve such a nice and green lawn. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstockphotos

Light sandy soil must be watered more often than campground. To make watering as effective as possible while minimizing water consumption, you should water a few times but a lot and in depth each time you water. A consumption of approximately 25 millimeters per square meter is recommended. If it only watered a little each time, the root system of the grass will be formed too shallow and the lawn may be yellow. The root system is formed in the moist zone and it should preferably be as deep as possible.

Get greener lawn than the neighbor

Are you cutting the flowers correctly, they stay for a week longer?

6. Cutting

Feel free to cut the lawn frequently, but not too short, because it may swell in the sun.

7. Repair

Most likely you have areas on the lawn that do not grow as well as the rest. Then you can repair. You take one or more bags of planting soil, spread evenly over the damaged area, sprinkle on a good layer of reption seed and water well several times.

8. Trakheller

Are there any areas in the garden that are subject to much traffic? In such places the lawn will most likely never get enough rest to grow green and lush. Consider laying out trawls, establishing trails by single or closing the lawn for free traffic over a longer period of time.

9. Finished

Rolling out the finishing touches is a comfortable and quick way to establish a new lawn as long as the basic work is done properly. There must be a lush soil under the pre-rolled lawn. In addition, the plot must be well drained so that water does not accumulate in pits that drip the lawn. Then you get brown spots everywhere. Isbrann is another problem that hits finishes more often than other lawns.

Remember that the finishing touch must have fertilizer, water and regular maintenance.

10. A green lawn makes no garden

A garden is so much more than a green lawn. If you dream of a beautiful garden, you must therefore add resources to planting trees, shrubs and flowers. Trakheller and paths of single contribute to the garden character. In recent years it has become modern to light the garden. This gives a great atmosphere in the afternoon and evening which makes you really want to use your garden.

Establish small oases on the plot where you can, for example, set up a garden table, hang up a hammock or establish a barbecue.

Various grassland landings

Editor Tommy Tønsberg in Norsk Hagetidend thinks there are small factors that affect the grass so that it gets a bit faster greener somewhere compared to another.

– If your neighbor already has greener grass than you, there may also be different grassland landings where a mixture comes slightly faster than others, he has previously explained to Click. no.

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