Funkis from the super architects

The red painted core is a pulsating heart in the middle of the house, with playroom and home office on wheels.

Funkis from the super architects

Funkis from the super architects

IN SKULL: The well-planned entrance is well sheltered. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Technical Standard

The wall is based on a 180 mm thick concrete plate, class NA. There is waterborne underfloor heating from heat pump / geothermal heat. Outer walls of 300 mm Leca isoblock. The exterior is the house fiber-plated and painted with a full-fledged Keim silicate paint. Inside plasterboard has metal reinforcement in all corners and sneaky. The bearing structure is Kerto beams. Floor of helved ash parquet.

The first time the builders sought out the architects Christian Dahle and Kurt Breitenstein in spring 2004. Then they brought pictures and maps of a plot they wanted to buy.

The dream was to build a new house for themselves and their unborn children, but after discussing future needs, they found that family home flow could not be realized on the site they had been looking forward to.

– We lost a customer, but they kept their dream, says Kurt Breitenstein.

Red-painted Roman core

But after nine months, the couple returned to the two architects with the newborn son, and now they had found the dream space. It was on a hillside amidst the rolling, slightly unorse and ravine-inspired cultural landscape of Sørumsand in the Romerike.

The property was almost flat and with a wide view. The place invited to create a modern brick house with many and large windows facing the light and the view. Not least in the attic, where daylight floats in and through the gallery finds the way to the floor below.

To further emphasize the light and airy character of the house, all interior walls are plastered and painted with a matte paint. This means that the flats retain their white valor also in the sunshine.

The house is characterized by a number of secure architectural solutions, including the red-painted core in the middle of the first floor, with bath and home office. Around this core, it is open and from here it is the entrance to the bathroom.

Funkis from the super architects

CLEAN FLATER: To make the walls as smooth as possible, they were painted and demolished repeatedly, a crucial precision in this type of house without moldings. All corners are angled with steel profiles. The interior windowsill is painted with oil paint. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Colors Daylight

Architect’s description

– The brick house of 178 sqm has a relatively wide and large surface area relative to the total volume of the building. The characteristic house form is in relation to the flat terrain around, says Christian Dahle (t.w.) and Kurt Breitenstein. The main structure is few but simple and clear elements. Four wall slabs form external walls around an efficient bath and office core. The red painted section is the heart’s pulsating heart. Around the core, all circulation in the house is controlled. It is open between the living room, kitchen and the three east-facing bedrooms which are on row along one and the same time. From this passage there is also entrance to the bathroom with the five colored ceiling lamps.

The bathroom with green tiles is perceived as its own, lush wellness world. Through a small, low-lying window, it is discreetly slippery from the bathtub and towards the shower room by the living room and the garden. Round colored lamps in the ceiling, almost like bows in the rainbow, highlight the light that enters the room from the attic. The lamps are architecturally designed for the house.

– We made five cylindrical holes in the ceiling, and fed them with tubes with built-in lamps. They provide light both up and down, and in the attic only the tops of colored plexiglas are seen, which have been laid out with the wooden floor. The original lamp solution has extra strong effect in the evening, both in the attic and in the bathroom, says Christian Dahle.

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