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Forgotten pots and pans are firefalls

Every tenth home fire is due to forgotten fat pots and pans that fire.

Forgotten pots and pans are firefalls

The Directorate for Civil Protection and Preparedness (DSB) has proposed an additional proposal for cooker standards to increase fire safety.

The big cookers are skeptical about the proposal, but the proposal is supported by a European working group.

This is the proposal:

  • Cooker automatically switches off after two hours, if the temperature exceeds 100 ° C.
  • After 15 minutes of use, the temperature in a saucepan should be reduced to 265 ° C. This is below the ignition temperature of the most common oils.

– The proposal is an insurance for forgetful consumers. Even though the statistics on fire causes show that persons with disabilities, such as drunkards, are overrepresented by stove fires, these are events that can happen to anyone, “says Bjørn Nyrud, department manager at DSB.

Started in Sweden

The stove fired initiative is several years old and was started by the Swedish Security Agency. This is because the stove fire problem is particularly high in the Nordic countries. But the results of the initiative have been awaiting.

– Now we have taken one step further. The Nordic representatives agree on a common strategy for how the Norwegian proposal will be framed. If the progress succeeds, this will also be a victory for Nordic cooperation on the safety side, “says Nyrud.

Review this fall

The proposal must now be tested to show that the proposed changes work and that the cookers are still functional. The results will be reviewed by the standardization organization in September. Here it will probably be decided whether the proposal, possibly in a revised version, will be submitted to the poll in the governing body. It may nevertheless go at least a couple of years from the decision made to changes in the standard made applicable.

Use time

Nyrud encourages consumers to think about safety, and reminds that there are already some security devices that can be purchased and connected to the stove as an option. Timer can prevent some fires, but not due to overheating of grease and oil. There are also other types of cookers that can improve safety, but these are costly solutions.

Some new cookers have also built in different types of security, but there is no standard that defines a consistent way to build or test this equipment.

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