Forget about other materials, the tree is back

Modern wood architecture in the wind.

Forget about other materials, the tree is back

Focusing on using materials other than three decades has caused us to lose at least one generation of woodworkers and engineers. Therefore, we need to rebuild the competence, “said Harald Landrø at NTNU for research. no earlier this summer.

Pasi Aalto, Project Manager for TreNova in NTNU, stated at the same time that it is a mindset to look at the thousand-year-old stave churches that stand. He also mentions the many old log houses that are intact and attractive residential buildings today.

Larger variation

– Wood is a wonderful material in many ways. It is light, strong, soft, flexible and warm. We have been experts in three in the Nordic region since the Viking Age, but the focus largely shifted to “new” materials such as reinforced concrete in the 1930s, glass and steel were in many ways the 90’s mantra among many architects. New technology has opened for the use of wood in completely new ways. Today, there is a greater variety and wood has regained its place as our natural starting point.

It says architect and fellow Torbjørn Tryti (33) at the Faculty of Architecture and Visual Arts, NTNU to click. no.

Forget about other materials, the tree is back Student hut: Aarhønehytta at Åtollen in Selbu municipality, which has been completed as a workforce by students at NTNU, was awarded this year’s wooden building. The outer covering is of thick-walled mountain, while the ceiling and water boards are of pinewood kernel. Photo: Aarhønehytta H. M. Aarhønen

Young Treasurers

New teaching, technology and current fluctuations are referred to as possible explanatory factors for today’s three revitalization . At least the students have got their eyes up for the material.

For example, Aarhønehytta at Åtollen in Selbu municipality, which has been completed as a workforce by students at NTNU, received the award this year’s wooden building awarded by the Wood and Construction Industry.

Here is the outside cladding of dense mountain fir, while the roof table and water boards are of pinewood kernel. These materials are not surface treated and will have a gray patina over time.

Inside, granpanel and pinewoods are used as a cladding. In the case of the wooden load, except for pinewoods, this is traded from sawmill within a radius of 120 kilometers from the building site.

Delicious material

Lars Johnsgård Jensen, student at the building line at NTNU and responsible for coordinating the construction of Aarhønehytta, seems to be very exciting with the use of wood as material. In the construction industry, there has been a trend over several years with emphasis on sustainable architecture. While traditional building materials like steel and concrete have significant carbon emissions, wood is considered carbon neutral, says Jensen.

Examples of young architects who are skilled with wood are TYIN Architects Architects who have received many awards and recognition internationally. Other promising young architectural offices are, for example, Brendeland & Kristoffersen, Atelier Oslo, Tuvalu Architects, Taktil Architects and Home and Home..

Johnsgård Jensen believes new knowledge about how to use wood can provide great opportunities. This is exciting also for a building student. Wood is easily accessible. It provides opportunities for using short-range materials from the immediate area, which are beneficial in an environmental perspective. This has been an important factor for us when we have built Aarhønehytta.

Forget about other materials, the tree is back

Annexe in Kebony: This annexe is designed by Tuvalu architects and is dressed in Kebony. The annexe is set up by a cabin in Fredrikstad’s archipelago. Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen

Forget about other materials, the tree is back

Many possibilities: TYIN drawing room Architects have designed and built a lot in three. Here is a lovely nest that lies on Aure. Photo: Pasi Aalto

Forget about other materials, the tree is back

THE HOUSE NOTE: The architects Geir Brendeland and Olav Kristoffersen designed the house as a wooden box resting on six slender A-shaped columns. The massive box is manufactured by Moelven Massive Tre. The young architectural firm also designed a five-story apartment block for three in Trondheim. Photo: Geir Brendeland

Forget about other materials, the tree is back

Norwegian wood: Atelier Oslo has designed more buildings in wood, among other things, the Lantern, which is a construction that covers an outdoor space in Langgata, Sandnes. The starting point was to have an overlay that could be used in many different contexts, from concerts and squares to an informal meeting place in the city. The lantern was a Norwegian Wood project, in connection with the cultural year in Stavanger and Sandnes in 2008. Photo: Atelier Oslo

Natural to use

Tryti in Taktil Arkitekter also confirms the increasing focus on architectural studies. Both NTNU, AHO (Architecture and Design College in Oslo) and at the Danish schools.

– This is also linked to an education trend, where attempts and building in full scale are increasingly used as an educational method. Wood is a natural material for good access, not too expensive, many good qualities and easy to process, Tryti says..

Nevertheless, he emphasizes that, of course, there have always been some highly skilled architects who have also used wood in an exemplary manner and who have been hanging out for the new development, but it is probably something in the spirit spirit, Tryti believes.

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Forget about other materials, the tree is back

Dressed for the high mountain: This cabin is designed by Taktil Arkitekter and is dressed in osp both outside and inside. At this cottage, the osp is chosen for several reasons; Outside, it is weather-resistant and has a nice surface when it cries. It also does not flatter and can remind you a little about self-playing games. Also good to sit on and sit on. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

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