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For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

Summer booking is in progress.

For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

Cabins by the sea are popular in Norway. There is price growth and increasing sales of seaside cabins.

Figures from the Real Estate Association’s (Eff) figures show that the average achieved sales price is now at 2. 586. 000 kroner.

It gives an average square meter price of 32. 603 kroner. In other words, it is an exclusive market.

In addition to geographical location in relation to the metropolitan areas, it is close to the sea and shoreline which affect the price of the objects most.

It is in Østfold, Vestfold and the Agder counties that dominate both the turnover and price peak.

It is also in these counties where it is most popular to rent a cottage among Norwegians.

For a few thousand flaps you can rent a cottage worth millions.

Orders Started

– The summer bookings are in progress and there are a number of bookings, but it is the main emphasis of requests where people explore the terrain and still await final bookings, Svein Rune Skarsgard states in Norway’s booking for the magazine Hytteliv.

For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

FOR RENT: Cottage in a seafront style on Hvaler. Primary room 72 sqm 8 beds. Price per week from 8500 to 13000 kr. Photo: Faximile: Norway booking

According to Skarsgard, the general trend is that stays are booked with shorter and shorter time to arrival.

For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

Here you will find the cottage-freak

– Cottages with sea view at Oslofjorden in high season are approx. 1. 500 per. bed per. week. That is, a cabin with 8 beds will cost around 10. 400-12. 000 kroner, he continues.

Increasing interest

Espen Hjulstad in Novasol, Europe’s largest holiday home owner, can tell of increasing interest in renting cottages and houses in Norway.

– We have seen an increase of 23 percent in the number of bookings this year compared to last year, he states.

The Germans look to Norway as never before, extending Western Norway, especially Hardanger. The Danes are traditionally interested in mountain areas and winter cabins. Norwegians look for cabins on the Oslo Fjord and down towards Kristiansand. Thus, the price level will then

Many views

For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

FOR RENT: Large skipper house in Lyngørsundet. Primary room 250 sqm 13 beds. Price per. week from 25. 000 kroner. Photo: Facsimile: Find.com

In July and the beginning of August, prices are the highest, so on holiday outside of the holidays you will save several thousand.

For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

Here the majority of Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

Do not want to go through the rental company can find. no be an option. At the moment there are 4180 rentals for rent.

– This year there have been 83. 765 unique users per average per. week that has seen holiday homes and cottages, with a peak at the beginning of the year, informs information manager Lene Kallum in FINN.

By the way, they do not have comparable figures for last year due to conversion to new system.

Easy at the coast

Another site that can be exciting to search for seaside cabins is the coastal trail. no

For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

FOR RENT: Onsøy at the Oslo Fjord in Østfold. Primary room 110 sqm 8 beds. 400 meters to the water. Price per week. 6790 kr. Photo: Facsimile: Novasol

It is the Norwegian Tourist Association which has the secretariat for this cooperation in 2012

For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

These cabins gave click-bonanza in 2011

It is desirable to create conditions for a single, environmentally friendly outdoor life in the coastal zone.

In this context, they have implemented the idea of ​​a coastal trail with simple accommodations with a distance of one day’s tranquility or sailing between each place.

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For 10,000, you get millionaire views a week

FOR RENT: Holiday house on Furuholmen near Lindesnes. Main room 74 sqm 6 beds. Price per. week from 4950 to 9905 kr. Photo: Faximile: Norway booking

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