Food and colors are the interior trend for 2017

In 2017, it will be more focused on having a nice time and going for natural, genuine and good materials. We will also use more colors than before.

Food and colors are the interior trend for 2017

New Year, New Trends! What’s better than replacing Christmas ornaments and Christmas colors with a little new on the interior?

According to interior designer and coordinator Mia Kjelstad Hansen in Intro Design, the main feature of 2017 will spin around lots of colors and a warm, cozy atmosphere.

– We see a lot of the same colors we had in the 90’s, though in an updated version. The two-colored wall in yellow and red, deliciously dandert with a wallpaper in the middle, is probably not visible, she says.

According to Hansen, both Bohemian, sophisticated, urban, eclectic and exotic are mentioned by several of the interior styles that come.

– Common to all are materials that are natural, genuine and of good quality. Furniture and design are becoming more and more organic in the expression, while increasing the environmental focus. Technology is becoming more and more incorporated into the design and development of, for example, nanotechnology in materials is very exciting!

Personal rather than certain interior style

According to Dagny Thurmann-Moe, expert in color and trend forecasting, we see that the purely minimalist coves for more of everything.

– There are more colors, more complex color use, greater focus on having a cozy (as previously a shame) in the home, and a larger mix of styles, she says.

– The homes should be personal rather than having a special “style”. New, old, Scandinavian, Norwegian, international, local, glamorous, minimalist, maximistic, playfulness, artdeco, craftsmanship, quality and sustainable production are all important keywords, Thurmann-Moe adds.

In the long run, the future trends in the future are the pursuit of the need to surround themselves with things that are not future trash, but rather future heirs of her life, she believes in.

– Durable interiors that grow up over time, instead of replacing much every season to have the last bullet. We are becoming more nurturing ourselves and what matters, says Thurmann-Moe.

Get your budget on the budget

How can you get the budget trends?

– Go to Flea Market and Fretex! Or arrange a changeover night with friends. This is also in the spirit of time, where there is increased focus on sustainable design and the environment. Several of the affordable department stores also come with budget-friendly alternatives, and Ikea, Lagerhaus and Granit are worth checking out, says Hansen.

– Smooth candles like candlesticks and vases are usually quite reasonable to replace. The same with pillows and framed posters. Larger objects can easily be renewed with a coat of paint, she adds.

Thurmann-Moe thinks it may be sensible to look at what will last longer than just 2017. The most trendy for the year and years to come is just that personal and here you are free to choose what you like best for yourself. She advises you to take care of what you have as affective value, and check first on Finn. no if you are planning to buy something new.

– Then you save both your wallet and the environment. Is there anything you really want, save on it than buy a bunch of dilldall as you get tired of next season. Things that cost a little more will also take better care of. Often they last longer as well, so in the long run it’s a better investment.

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Food and colors are the interior trend for 2017

COAT AND COOL: The wood is back! And, keep in mind that an easy way to get into trendy items is to go shopping for small decor, like vases and candlesticks. Photo: COPYRIGHT: Dagny Color Studio PHOTO: Margaret de Lange STYLIST: Kirsten Visdal

She adds that the wood is back and advises you not to paint the old legacy furniture. Then it’s better to see if you have a chair you can pull over – on many of them, and especially the dining chairs, you come a long way with glue and staple gun.

– See what you have that can be repaired. The hottest thing you can do now is to repair an old piece of furniture you already own. Warm and cozy interiors, green plants and delicious colors on the walls will come a long way!

Keep your own style

If you want a more personalized interior style, Thurmann-Moe thinks it’s a good idea to stay away from the chain stores where “everyone” is acting. Look for colors that are yours and that are appealing to you, and not what’s hip and cool.

– Go on treasure hunt with your mother (or grandmother) and find out the things you have at home that means extra lot for you. Should you buy something new, make sure there is something you really want. Please be patient! Building a home takes time, it does not work to buy everything right away, then the directory feeling comes.

Hansen thinks he’s going to give a little bark in trends that come and go, but gladly inspire.

– After all, there are no absolute rules for how to keep it at home. Personal memories and your own story mixed with lots of inspiration, then you have a personal interior style.

What will you get from the new interior trends?

– I’m inspired by all the colors and materials that have come. The last stunt on the home front was to add new black hexagon tiles in the hallway and to paint walls (and die) in a deep olive green tone. Dark, thin and a little delicious mysterious. In addition, I hope to find a knallfin pottery tucked away in a hook on Fretex, says the interior designer.

Thurmann-Moe prefers to save things and invested recently in new desks for their daughters made of a furniture nest.

– They were not expensive but cost more than we are used to from IKEA. I think it’s nice to think that these studios can be with them throughout their lives. They can bring them to their first student apartment, and your children can also inherit them, just as I inherited my mother’s highchair. I know that those desks will not be broken. They are heavy and smell three.

In addition, she painted a brown wall at home in connection with a photoshoot.

– I was going to paint it over it right away, but that color is really awesome! I’m fond of looking at it, it’s like having chocolate on the wall.

Food and colors are the interior trend for 2017

THE FIVE ELEMENTS: At H&M Home, it is “back to nature” spring 2017, where inspiration comes from the five elements – air, spirit, fire, earth and water. Photo: Her and Mauritz


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