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Flytebrege missed

Stolen floating bridge and a lot of other objects are wanted online. It may prevent it from being sold as a loot of goods.

Flytebrege missed

If you have been robbed, it may be a good idea to call out what you’ve lost, as well as a notification to the police.

The Web site search site (external link) allows you to enter information about things that have been stolen or deleted, with image and information. The site informs that it is close to 9000 entries within the database.

– It’s free to register burglaries, but we require the theft to be reported to the police, “says Jan Karlsen in

Will sell you tagging

To sign up, you must register as a user on the webpages.

If you wish to purchase theft marking, this can be ordered. Then you can tag the items you will not lose with unique identity tagging. This will make it very difficult for the thief to trade the product.

It may be smart to check with your insurance company if this type of tag may affect your insurance premium and whether it is recommended to tag your assets.

– Those who buy labels pay only for the equipment. We store ID number and name for five years, “says Karlsen. He says to that they are working well with the police.

Obtains information by email from the police

The site claims, according to (external link), to be the only one in Norway to transfer complete data from the police on theft of cars, motorcycles, moped and trailers in Norway.

– The police update us by email, but there is nothing illegal in it. The information is public, says Jan Karlsen.

– I have no desire to make a lot of money on this. I would create something that can prevent crime, “he says.

In the Police Directorate there are no official persons who can explain how the cooperation between the company and the police works. There is no centrally registered for theft missions beyond the notification registry.

– We do not include such agreements, but there may be someone who sends out the information on their own initiative. There are many who work in the police, “says Anne D. Nilsen in the Police Directorate of

Thread Thief

The website also offers a service where you can create inventory so that you have full control of what you own if you are accidentally affected by fire or your house is being thrown by thieves.

Theft often happens because the stolen can be sold further. If you report theft to the police, you can post a query on the site. That way you can spread the message that you’ve lost something.

Therefore, the risk is greater for the thief, and your chance to prevent your car, boat, or contents in your wallet from being sold as a loot on e-commerce services or in other channels.

Bike labeling may be redundant

The information leaflets on the web pages are one of the things that are marketed that you can tag your bicycle with ID from the company. However, if you have registered your bike in the bicycle register operated by Falck, it may be redundant.

It also admits the company.

– I see no reason for identifying the bike with us or anyone in addition to the bicycle register, “says Karlsen.

Updated credentials

Once a value item has been created, the user must remove the enrollment so that the base is kept clean for old listings.

– It’s as important as entering a bulletin, Karlsen believes.

More Enlightenment Options

Flytebrege missed

BACKGROUND: Web service where you can ask for things you’ve been robbed or lost. Photo: Screenshot

There are also more online inquiry services. (external link) is a website where you can enter your requests. It costs a few dollars to enter the entries.

Sometimes it can be effective to post in the discussion forums online.

Do you know other online inquiry services? Share your experiences in the comments box below!

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