Five tables that save the home workplace

If you find a cool and convenient desk, your home workplace is saved. We show you five possibilities.

Five tables that save the home workplace

Why not bet on a stylish home office that provides well-being and inspiration?

We have picked up desks in different styles and at different prices. An exclusive in walnut, a tight and masculine in gray-black interior, a writing pad inserted into the module shelving system, a plate placed on bows and a stylish desk in oak and leather.

Our stylist Kirsten Visdal has put the writing desks into an interior that hopefully gives you more tips for lamps, clocks, chairs, storage and small items.

You do not need to have your own workroom, a hook can as well be decorated as a work or playgroup. Look at the pictures and pick out things here and there by style or price.

Below you will see the five selected desks and interiors.

Five tables that save the home workplace

60’S PREG. Back to the 1960s, but with a modern dispute in the color palette. The desktop BM is in Corian and Walnut. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Desktop BM 1330 in Corian and Walnut, $ 21,703, and Wall Clock , kr 2901, Vitra, both from Huseby & Co. The Chair About A Chair, $ 319, scissors , $ 79, boxes with lid, $ 34 per set of three, / strong>, kr 700, shelf shaped like house, kr 800, all from Hay. Notebooks, $ 230 and $ 125, both from the Paper Gallery in Norway Designs. Asjett with beer, kr 299, kruset Letters, design Arne Jacobsen, kr 149, bag in cotton, from Society, kr 1349, all from Bolina. Table Lamp Snoopy, £ 7675, Flos. The image of the hands belongs to the stylist.

Five tables that save the home workplace

This is not a wall

Writing desk Basketball oak and skins, kr 7595, school chair NOK 1320, both from Habitat. Shelf One Step Up in Ash and Aluminum, 45 x 78 x 209 centimeters, design Francis Cayonette for Normann Copenhagen, NOK 4500. Sto l in molded wood from Gubi, kr 7188, Cobra table lamp , kr 2795, both from Huseby & Co. Floor lamp , design Arne Jacobsen, kr 5695, Tannum Furniture. Chair with detachable draw, kr 1089, Vitra. Desk Lamp Kelvin, $ 3625, Flos. Mugs in ceramics, design Margit Seland, kr 615, bag in leather from Moolight, kr 4650, Campersko , NOK 1725, everything from Norway Designs. Album, £ 210, Folded Envelope, $ 90 per piece. , wooden box with plexiglas, NOK 840, Ferm Living, everything from the Paper Gallery. Rabbit SaveBoss , $ 199, Bolina.

Five tables that save the home workplace

DARK FLATS. The desk washer is placed in an interior with dark walls, softened with pastel stains. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Writing desk I-work in valnut veneer with chrome plated bone, kr 7299, and chair Chicago in black-lacquered oak, design Bolia Design Team, kr 3699, photo by Leo Bugaev Briefcase, 100 x 100 cm, kr 2699 and table lamp Industry, kr 999, all from Bolia. Boxes, $ 349 per. set of five, scissors , $ 199, post-it Tower, $ 119, from Hay. Table fan , $ 560, Habitat. Puff, kr 3750, Normann Copenhagen. Knaggrekken Hang It All, kr 2375, Vitra, Husby & Co. Mugs in ceramics, design Margit Seland, kr 450, Norway Designs. Bag , $ 1300, Envelopes , $ 175, Papier Gallery at Norway Designs. Alarm clock shaped like bird, kr 449, Bolina.

Five tables that save the home workplace

This renews the entire room

Module Shelf System String, Price on Demand, Sørensen & Østlyngen. Table lamp Delight in chromed steel, convenient to put iPhone and iPad on, kr 2900. Barkrakk Tom & Jerry, Design Konstantin Grcic, NOK 4050, Robert Tandberg. Letter in MDF, $ 149, Kvist. Teapot in porcelain and cork, kr 189, trekopp , kr 89 and mug with figure, kr 49, everything from Bolia. Pencils, from $ 5, Gray Box, Big $ 25, Small $ 25 and Notebooks , $ 60, 80 and 125, all from Papirgalleriet.

Five tables that save the home workplace

TIGHT. A gray black and brown interior gives a tight and masculine expression. The writing desk I-work is in valnut veneers with chromed support. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Desktop Loop, Sheet with Curves, $ 4949, Paper Sheet in Three, $ 899, Calendar on the Wall, $ 569, and Chair Ru Chair, kr 1299, all from Hay. Wall clock Flap, kr 915 and cup of bowl, kr 45, everything from Habitat. Shelf Libri, design Swedese, 38 x 227 centimeters, kr 5950, Sørensen & Østlyngen. Chair with armrests, design Charles & Ray Eames, $ 6484, Vitra. Large Security Needle , $ 199, Bolina. Stainless steel, kr 780, boxes in porridge paper, str. A4, kr 25, str. C6, £ 65 and Foldable Paper Ball , £ 159, from Papir Gallery. Carafe with cork, design Muuto, kr 350, drinking glass NOK 230 for four, everything from Norway Designs. Chair in leather, design Walter Knoll, NOK 8130, Tannum Furniture. Table Lamp Tab, $ 3000, Flos. Books, pictures and cards belong to the stylist.

Five tables that save the home workplace

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Five tables that save the home workplace

stylish. The module shelving system String provides many possibilities for storage around the desk. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

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Five tables that save the home workplace

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Five tables that save the home workplace

NATURE, THREE, AND BLACK. The Loop desk consists of a plate plus two bends. Black and white are nice along with wooden furniture. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

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