This is the best ax for easy climbing by, and the worst on the tongue.


In short:

+ Suverent best on lightweight

+ Superb best shaft

Poor at the time of

Clutch lift with shaft in Fibercomp. Carrying case included. Weight of the ax head: 1,086 kg. Shaft length: 599 mm.

Either or

This is the best eagle for easy climbing, and the worst on the heavy-cleavage. At the easy cliff it goes so the tiles sprinkle, while on the correct tongue clench the ax pops up again when it hits the cube.

Strong shaft

The shaft is best in the class of ease of use. It has the right profile and the end hook is completely superbly designed.

It should be said that the lightweight shaft provides an unprecedented balance, but on small-scale this is the supreme best ax.


A superb ax for the smaller cliff roads, but struggling with the difficult kicks. Very good shaft.

See more photos of ax further down in the article.


Lettkløyvdvd: The profile provides superb features on easy-to-climb at. Photo: Øivind Lie


Plastic: The plastic material shaft withstands tough handling. Photo: Øivind Lie


End hook: This is how a end hook looks like. Photo: Øivind Lie


Producer Fiskars Price 549


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