Fireplace for you without pipe

But a remote control comes in handy.

Fireplace for you without pipe

A heat source with a living flame is desired for many, but the challenge is often that there is no pipe to connect the fireplace or the stove.

The solution can be a gas fireplace. It is both a clear interior element and good for heating . And it only needs an exhaust pipe through the outer wall.

– A preferred location for a gas fireplace will be on the outside wall, , so that the exhaust pipe can be led through the wall, says the marketing director at Energihuset, Trond Jørgensen, at

– This implementation is carried out as so-called pipe-in-pipe solutions. This means that the exhaust gas is fed into the same pipe as the fresh air is introduced. In this way, the fresh air cools off the exhaust so that the heat development problem is eliminated.

Safe Fireplace

According to senior engineer Steinar Tegneby at the Directorate for Social Security and Emergency Planning (DSB), there are seldom problems with gas fireplace.

– When installed properly and according to the installation instructions, gas fireplace is a safe installation. And in general, there have been very few accidents, emphasizes Tegneb.

He emphasizes that the assembly should be done by a professional.

Design and cooking

According to Trond Jørgensen, gas fireplace is primarily purchased as a design element.

– There are not many who buy gas fireplace with us and who are keen on fuel economy, he says.

Our customers say they are going to have a kosepeis and there are more and more homeowners who install their gas fireplace homes.

Easy to use

A modern gas fireplace is served in a simple way, mainly at a single pressure.

According to Jørgensen, gas fireplace can also be controlled by night damping. They can also be remotely controlled with a remote control.

Note gypsum walls

The installation of a gas fireplace can be done directly on the wall, but it is important that the minimum distances to the flammable wall are observed.

However, there may be a challenge if the fireplace is attached to a plasterboard.

– If gypsum is exposed to more than 50 degrees over time, it may become crisp and lose some of its strength. In extreme consequence, what is attached to the wall may fall. So if you’re going to hang up a gas fireplace on a plaster wall, try to fix it to the bars or use another suitable non-combustible plate back, says Steinar Tegneby.

Not Applicable

According to Gro Maren Mogstad Karlsen, retrofitting of gas fireplace in an existing dwelling is not required. Mogstad Karlsen is acting communications manager at the Directorate of Construction Quality (Dibk).

– It is also not the case that the pipe conduction of the exhaust pipe on the outside wall is considered a phase change, she tells

Fireplace for you without pipe

Here’s the best way to fire

However, it should be aware of new buildings that fossil heat sources together with electricity can not account for more than 40 percent of the heating energy.

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