Find the white color that fits

Interior designer Marianne Hafskjold lives exciting with the absence of colors.

Find the white color that fits

Find the white color that fits

WHITE ENVIRONMENT: Interior designer Marianne Hafskjold makes the house bright white. Photo: Helge Eek

Find the white color that fits

SAKRALT: Using a uniform color on all major surfaces creates a sacred feeling in the room. From the interior designer’s ceiling. Photo: Helge Eek

Find the white color that fits

Norway’s best interiors

Find the white color that fits

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Find the white color that fits

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Find the white color that fits

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Absolutely colorless, it’s not home at Marianne Hafskjold in Son.

Occasionally the color palette appears, like the lime green stool in the ceiling and some blue touches.

But mainly covering white ceilings, walls and floors.

Play with gloss

– White is not boring, advises the interior designer.

If you use color on all major surfaces, it becomes an almost sacred feeling in the room. Play with white shades and achieve stylish effects. The gloss reflects light while creating frames.

Check in box

She emphasizes that solid white gives sense of space and heights.

She likes to use high gloss in the ceiling and silk mat on the walls.

If you use shine on walls, walls and floors, you wipe out the differences, and the result will be a velvety box.

Lights up

A silk mat wall and a 80 degree brilliance make the room brighten the room. Contrast is created even though the color is similar.

Safe wins

– The white color is an excellent framework for most interiors. It’s perfect to use on large surfaces, but get the excitement with rough contrasts. A table, a chair, a painted painting or some fabrics.

Coloring in the interior creates depth. Strong contrast colors are sure winners along with white.

Find the white color that fits

HVITE DR├śMMER: From the interior designer’s bedroom there is a fjord view. The white has got color clocks in gray, blue and turquoise. Photo: Helge Eek

Coarse structure

Find the white color that fits

GROW STRUCTURE: Floors that are good to wear. The living room creates a structure in the room. The washing machine has been placed under the stairs. Photo: Helge Eek

What is actually white?

White is actually the absence of color. Colors occur when lights in different wavelengths hit the eyes.

Simplified, we can say that the brain perceives different wavelengths as different colors.

When the light hits a surface, this will reflect some of the waves and absorb others, the result is the impression of color.

When all light is reflected, we get white when all light is absorbed, we get black.

Source: Wikipedia

At the entrance of the interior designer, the floor consists of small, round rocks. A white staircase slopes up to the second floor.

– The steep floor is a rough contrast to the clean surfaces. A white environment becomes immediately more exciting when you vary structures and materials, “says Marianne Hafskjold.

This is egg white

Most people know the bestseller for decades; egg white. It is recommended on time and expire to create a neutral base in the world. But what’s really egg white?

– All colors have a code that shows the mixing ratio. Eggehvit has got the code NCS 0502 Y, and the y-one says it’s broken with yellow .

You can get it with different yellow tones, but it always has warmth.

Letter accent

Marianne Hafskjold says we can not see the color blurreds with the naked eye, but along with other colors in the interior, the shades come forward.

For example, a red chair appears in the white color.

It’s just as easy to learn the letters first as last. You will not be surprised after the paint is dried.


Note the letters: Y (yellow), R (red), B (blue) and G (green).

– If you choose strong blue as a contrast color, use white paint broken with blue. Pure white can be perceived as cold, but it is beautiful. You just have to be aware where and how it is used.

Some basic tips

  • White to warm colors, choose yellow plugs
  • White to cold colors, choose blue peel
  • White to gray or black, choose black or white

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Find the white color that fits

FREE: Every hook and jacket in the old house is utilized. The cobwebs in the attic are used for guest rooms and wardrobes. Photo: Helge Eek


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