Find the right color for the wall

Do not forget the biggest surface in the room when the walls will get new color.

Find the right color for the wall

As the experts have predicted that colors are on their way back in full, there are probably many that will replace the whole white walls at home with something a little more.

Nothing refreshes home like painting the walls in a new color. But before you get started, do you pay a little research on how exactly that color will look like on your wall?

And what makes a color look like a thing on the color chart in the store, but do something different on the kitchen wall at home?

Do not underestimate the floor

According to the Information Office for Color and Interior (Ifi), one should always take into account the color and surface of the floor when choosing color for the walls. The reason is that the floor is usually the largest and most illuminated surface in the room.

The color of the floor is often the one that affects the other colors in the room most often, experts say at the company.

Find the right color for the wall

FIFTH FLATE: The nuance of the floor emphasizes all other colors in the interior. Photo:

– We often call both the floor and the ceiling, the fifth flat in a room, explains Creative Director at Fargerike, Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth to Bonytt. no.

– Very often forget to take into account the colors of the floor and the ceiling when choosing color for the other surfaces, ie the walls in the room.

The nuance of the floor, simply because it is such a big flat, often reflects the rest of the interior, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– Light floors have a lovely freshness, while darker floors like walnut or cherry give a beautiful elegance to the room. Many go for classic colors on the floor like ash or oak, but it is also important to remember that the natural “yellowness” of oak can have a great influence on how the rest of the colors in the room appear.

Under Shades

Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth believes it is important to keep the following in mind when considering how the wall color will reach the floor:

Find the right color for the wall

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– Think about what underneath you want to have in your home. And then you choose colors from this.

Undernyanse is the color that shines through the wood itself in the floor.

– Is the floor not made of wood, do you look at which color that dominates, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– The most common underneaths in wood floors are yellow (oak, ash), brown (walnut), red (cherry) and gray (treated floors).

The rule of thumb is that you should keep away from colors on the wall that are in the same family as the underneath of the floor.

Be careful with these colors

– Colors are reasonably adaptable, but as a rule, you should avoid much yellowing if you have untreated oaks or ash on the floor.

Find the right color for the wall

ALL FLATER CELLS: The floor is often the largest and most illuminated surface in the room. Do not underestimate this when painting the wall. Photo: Nordsjö / Akzo Nobel

If you have walnut flooring, you should be careful with shades of brown and if you have cherry-colored floors you might want to consider something other than red tones on the walls.

Find the right color for the wall

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Thurmann-Hoelseth explains that at Fargerike, this is precisely what one focuses on helping customers:

– Ensuring that the walls and colors you choose for these actually harmonize with the floor are great for us to advise our customers precisely because we find that this may be a little problematic for people to know in advance, “explains the expert..

– In stores, therefore, we have large shelves and shadows that you can borrow home or bring to the floor department to take a closer look.

Important to remember

– The floor and color of it will certainly affect the result of the walls, explains Tale Henningsen with color giant Azko Nobel to Bonytt. no.

– It can be said as simple as dark floors will dominate and appear dominant on the walls, while the brighter the floor is, its lesser effect will have the color of it on the experience of the color of the walls.

Henningsen points out that it is also important to remember that the shimmering the floor is in the surface, the more of its own color will reflect on the wall.

– While floor mats will not appear to be as dominant, even though they are dark in color.

Lists hit

Find the right color for the wall

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Tale Henningsen believes that one can not forget about the effects of the lists when considering floors and walls against each other.

– White lists will frame the wall color, and the lists and walls will remove more from the floor itself and stand more together.

In contrast, lists that are in the same color or material as the floor, such as lister and floor in oak, “drag” the floor color onto the wall.

– Of course, this will be more dominant, Henningsen explains.

Illuminates the floor

Henningsen points out that thinking about how the room has been illuminated also plays a role in how the colors affect each other:

– Very many use today of downlights as the main source in the room. The problem is that you mainly light the floor and not the walls. Then the color of the floor will largely dominate the room.

On the other hand, if you choose light that lights the walls of the room, more of the color will be reflected here.

– Of course, this will dampen the impression of the floor, provided that the color of the light is correct, Henningsen explains..

Find the right color for the wall

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Pay attention to the entire room

– All colors and surfaces must be looked into, says interior consultant and stylist Grethe Wie in Førde.

– I always tell my clients that the smartest thing to do before painting a whole wall is to use test boxes and paint the color of some big plates, you can buy this from your local building dealer, explains Wie to Bonytt. no.

– After painting a few coats, try to place the plate against the wall you intend to paint. That way, you will get an impression of how the color will get on the wall in a much more realistic way than just looking at the color of the store.

The interior consultant explains that one should also take into account the natural light in the room:

– Colors change with the light, daylight changes from morning to night, and most have an anne type of light at home than the sharp shop lighting that is set up in the paint shop.

The popular gray tones

Find the right color for the wall

COLOR: Colors on the walls are in. But how does the color change from the store to home. Photo: Nordsjö / Akzo Nobel

Gray is in the wind as a wall color, and Wie points out that especially with this color it is important to consider the floor:

Find the right color for the wall

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– Gray colors make it easy to influence and change much in relation to nearby colors. So it’s especially important to think about what color and tone you want to achieve, and maybe try it out, explains the interior expert.

– Oak has a yellow tone, which will give heat to a cool gray tone. So here it becomes important to make sure the balance becomes right to achieve the desired effect.

Who also points out that dark floors may need light walls to avoid becoming too “heavy”.

– Are the floors dark and you paint brighter colors on walls and ceilings, the room works more open and airy. The color weights lies here on the floor.

Affects Experienced Size

Find the right color for the wall

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Room size experience will largely depend on wall color in relation to colors on other surfaces such as floor and ceiling.

– It’s also important to think about how to use the walls, Wie points out.

– If you have a lot of pictures and artwork that is on the walls, you have to take this into account when choosing color and do not choose something that “hides” this.

According to Ifi, the first bid is to paint on the floor, preferably in the middle of the room, with color samples – preferably paint, wallpaper and textiles entering the room. That way, you can easily see all the colors in the room against each other

Grethe Wie also strikes a battle to try out first:

– Buying color to the entire wall only based on a color sample in the store can quickly be mistaken.

– It’s a lot better to spend a few pounds in a few-three test boxes, than to find that the color becomes completely wrong in the room after finishing your finish.

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Find the right color for the wall

DO NOT LOW THE FLOOR: The experts advise you to assess the color of the floor before choosing the color of the walls. Photo: Colorbox


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