Fighters who fix the job

Big projects with a lot of screwing? A slaughterer does the job.

Fighters who fix the job

Fighters who fix the job

DeWALT DC837C2: Price 3800 NOK Photo: Producer

Fighters who fix the job

Panasonic EY7540LZ2S: withstands water and dust. Price 4475 NOK Photo: Producer

Fighters who fix the job

Hitachi WH 14DBDL: Torque of 160 Nm. Price 4000 NOK Photo: Producer

Fighters who fix the job

Råsterk test wins with short charging time

Fighters who fix the job

Give the kids real tools

Fighters who fix the job

Use the bike rack as a bookcase

Fighters who fix the job

Check all the equipment you can win

We have tested a number of clickthroughs on both cheap and expensive clicks.

The favorite carpenter is the little big variants in the 18V class.

Are you a hobbyist you should check out three of the autumn news, all 14.4V with lithium ion battery.

A quick comparison shows that the machine from DeWALT is the easiest machine, but also the cheapest.

It has a 1.1 Ah engine brush and battery, while Panasonic and Hitachi make brushless motors and batteries of just over 3.1 and 3.0 Ah.

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This is part of DeWALT’s new 14.4V series. The machine has a maximum torque of 140 Nm and gives up to 2700 beats per minute. It is equipped with electric brake and is compatible with all previous 14.4V batteries from DeWALT

The stroke trigger comes with two 1.1 Ah batteries and 40-minute charger.

Indicative price: 3800 kroner.


It may be a good idea to call this a novelty. What’s new is that the machine has passed the previously mentioned IP test and has demed become part of Panasonic’s newly launched IP series..

This means that it is very well protected from dust and water, which makes it tough to use.

The machine has brushless motor and electric brake. Three speeds and a maximum torque of 150 Nm, giving up to 3000 strokes per minute.

The stroke core comes with two 3.1 Ah batteries and 60-minute charger.

Indicative price: 4475 kroner.


Hitachi comes with a series of new brushless killers.

This machine has a torque of 160 Nm. and max stroke of 3200 beats per minute. It also has electric brake and overload protection. The stroke trigger comes with two 3.0 Ah batteries and 45-minute charger

Indicative price: 4000 kroner.

Hammer and Battle

A stroke trigger behaves in the same way as a screwdriver until the load becomes large. Then a compression spring will cause a hammer to hit an anvil in the direction of rotation. Just like when you tap a wrench to get a nut.

This gives a lot of screw power and low backlash so the machine can be held with a light grip without twisting. Even on large screws.


A brushless engine provides longer service life between each charge and much longer service life. You also get away with longer service intervals.

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