Ferdighus has become modern

If you love good architecture, it’s a lot to choose from.

Ferdighus has become modern

Every year, a place is built between 6000 and 8000 so-called catalog houses or ready-made houses here.

The vast majority are in a traditional style, but once in a while, there are finished houses and passive houses with the little extra design-piff that makes us shut up and cheer.

Almost without exception, there are architects, either from Norway, Sweden or Finland who have been on a ferry.

This should be considered

Before choosing a house type, you must go through the needs you have and get the overview of the entire construction project and costs.

– Ensure that the details of the project you have chosen maintain a high quality level, “says the experienced architect Kim Skaara.. no.

– Also know that it is possible to make modifications to manufacturers’ catalog models. They charge extra for such changes, experts say.

Think about the environment

– Also, consider the house and color of your house to fit into the neighborhood. Your house is my view as it’s called, says architect Skaara.


We have not all the house manufacturers we talked about because prices do depend on many variables, they mean.

Where we have received prices, it is stated in the text. Remember that the prices from the suppliers almost never include grave work, or maybe not interior like tiles and floor coverings.

Ask the individual supplier for a detailed description of the price.

Ferdighus has become modern

BOTH OUTDOOR AND INNSYN: AH 02, or “Skoesken” from the architect. see is the sign of the star architect Gert Wingårdh. A couple of this sensational model is currently being built in the eastern part of the country. Photo: Åke E: son Lindman

1. Swedish top architecture

Ferdighus has become modern

11 cool and modern finishes

Ferdighus model Arkitekthus AH 062, “Skoesken” was designed by the Swedish star architect Gert Wingårdh and is one of the most sensational in the Norwegian market. Two homes of this type are being built on easternland at present to 20-22. 000 kroner per square meter. The houses are delivered as key proofs. Land is coming as well.

– I notice a lot of interest from Norwegian housing buyers for our architectural models, and I have engaged some Norwegian top architects to draw some new cabins for us, says Marina Wikborg Østby, head of the Swedish company office in Oslo.

2. Ready, go for the Passive House

Ferdighus has become modern

NEW PASSIVE HOUSE: Madelen is a well-designed passive house from Mesterhus. It has solar collectors outside and an energy-saving house construction. Photo: Producer

The Passive Houses are on the rise of many house manufacturers, and Madelen from Mesterhus boasts, among other things, environmentally friendly solar collectors and energy efficient outer constructions.

Ferdighus has become modern

Is this the northernmost crucifix?

The house has a large kitchen that can also be used for living rooms, four bedrooms and exciting home solutions. Architect Sara Ezeta.

The square meter price of Madelen will be somewhere between 18 and 20. 000 kroner informs Mesterhus Asker Bærum AS.

3. Concrete

T-Box is the country’s first concrete building in concrete. In the so-called basic package, this house has three floors spread over 233 square meters.

More info from Egersund Betongteknikk, AS Betong and Kynningsrud Prefab AS.

The Concrete Component Association is now developing a house of passive housing variants of the T-Box.

4. All on one level

Andria of 139 square meters is a flexible model that can be built both in chains and as atrium houses. The accommodation has a spacious kitchen, living room with fireplace and separate bathroom and laundry room. From the carpot you go straight into the sports booth. There is 2,70 meter ceilings in the living room and kitchen.

Ferdighus has become modern

A Powerful Signal: This T-Box Concrete House is the first Norwegian concrete building in concrete. Photo: Drawing: Concrete elementary association

Ferdighus has become modern

RENLINJET STIL: Andria One-Plane Real Estate from Home Partner can be built as detached, in a chain or as a finishing house. Photo: Producer

– Prices will vary slightly from place to place as various shipping and crafts costs are included.. Our customer consultants give you a full price, relative to where you live, informs Home Partner.

Ferdighus has become modern

Here the architect lives without water and power

5. Lookout room on top

Nova from Nordbohus is originally signed architect Arnfinn Rødahl and is characterized by clean lines and a living room at the top of the house. This living room has large windows in several directions and is encircled by a large terrace.

Nova is 302 square meters and offers, among other things, a large bedroom with en suite bathroom and changing room.

Ferdighus has become modern

THE HOUSE THAT GO TO TOP: Nova from Norbohus is both stylish and distinguished with a living room at the top. Photo: Producer

– Approx. The price from our dealer at Romerike is 11. NOK 600 per square meter, including carport and outside storage, says Gro Westerlund in Nordbohus.

Ferdighus has become modern

This house can be closed in a flash

– Digging, masonry and concrete work, painting, tiling and floor coverings are not included in this price, Westerlund emphasizes.

6. Mur and Three

Høvik 2 from Systemhus is a continuation of an already well-established Systemhus Høvik wooden house model designed by Tegra As at Solveig Egeland.

– In collaboration with the company Weber, this house can now be supplied with wall facade or in a combination of wood and brick facade, says Anders Paulsen in Systemhus.

You will be informed of the square meter price at Høvik 2 at Falk Bygg.

Ferdighus has become modern

A HOUSE IN ANY COMBINATIONS: System House Høvik 2 is a popular model that comes both wood and in combination wood and brick. Photo: Producer

7. Trendy Swedish

Villa Nordic produces houses ranging from state-of-the-art to crisp white New England homes. The company has already delivered a dozen design houses here to the country and several are under construction.

– We are not a catalog house producer, but we have some type sketching and we develop villas tailored to each family.

Tailored drawings to a house cost approx. 25. 000, and the price of a turnkey Willa Nordic house is just above average, says Patric Bjurquist, Villa Nordic’s local representative in Norway to click. no

8 and 9. Smaller size

Ferdighus has become modern

DIALOGUE WITH THE ARCHITECTURE: Swedish Willa Nordic has a number of basic models that they offer the customer to work on – in collaboration with well-known architects. Photo: Producer

Ryen is a stylish model designed by architect Tore Gramer for Blink Hus. The apartment of 135 square meters has three bedrooms and a bathroom / laundry room on the ground floor. The second floor contains a large family room, and from the street there is access to a balcony located on the top of the garage. The price is 2. 550. 000 kroner. What is included in this price is stated in your own delivery descriptions. Ryen can also be delivered as a passive house.

The highly landscaped Sandnes model is currently on the sketch stage.

10. Prizewinner

The Passive House on Rossåsen on Sandnes (below) produced by Fjogstad Hus vant 8. May be the competition for this year’s housing project under the auspices of the Housing Association’s Association.

The property is characterized by robust and rational solutions, the industry association believes.

Ferdighus has become modern

LARGE ALLROM IN ANOTHER FLOOR: The Blink House The Ryen is a style remodeled by the architect Tore Gramer. Note that the living room on the second floor has direct access to the balcony at the top of the barrel. Photo: Producer

11. Passive House for the Future

Ferdighus has become modern

A NEW COMMENT: Blink House Sandnes is a model on the stairs. Photo: Producer

Løvset (under) of 135 square meters of utility area is a pilot on passive housing model. The goal is to lay the foundation for the best possible passive housing for the Norgeshus chain. It was designed by architect Anne Marit Storler and is adapted to different user groups.

Løvset is of the Housing Producers Association nominated for this year’s housing project.

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Ferdighus has become modern

ENERGIGJERRIG TREND: Passive houses are now fully considered Fjogstad Hus, which has built low energy and passive houses in the Rogaland region for the past 10 years. This house is the year’s housing project in Norway. Photo: Producer

Almost maintenance-free summer cabin

Ferdighus has become modern

KUL, SWEDISH DESIGN: This prefabricated house Sport comes from Pinc House in Sweden. Photo: Manufacturers

Ferdighus has become modern

NOMINATED AT PRICE: The Løvset model from Norgeshus / Gauldal Bygg was one of the three houses that Housing Manufacturers nominated for this year’s housing project 2012. Photo: Producer

Ferdighus has become modern

HOUSE FOR THE FUTURE: Block Watne builds a number of exciting passive houses in the Nittedal Cricket Workshop.. These are houses that follow up the government’s wish that all new houses will meet the so-called Passive House Standard. Photo: Producer

Ferdighus has become modern

AWESOME GOOD: This a-house from M2 in Denmark shows some of what Danish top architects have to offer of innovation. M2 is currently bankrupt, but promises to come back strongly next year. Photo: Producer


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