Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

The magazine Rom123’s editor-in-chief Kari Janne Standal would rather enjoy gardening and small DIY projects than to practice.

When Kari Janne and the man Kjetil were to build a new cabin, they were not in doubt:

The new cabin should be as maintenance free as possible.

They would also spend time gardening, small fun little DIY projects or a boat trip.

The cabin itself also had clear opinions on how to be:

They would have many, large windows, underfloor heating, fireplace and sauna, and the cabin had to be in a tight and modern style.

In order to realize the dream, they received the help of civil architect Tore Koxvold in Heggelund & Koxvold, who immediately saw the potential and realized where they wanted.

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

LIGHT OUTSIDE: From the kitchen and the living room there are folding doors onto the terrace. It gives a feeling of sitting outside even inside. The lamp, it hangs two identical from the living room, is made after recipe from room123. The spoon on the wall is really a wallpaper length, but here it marks the dining area in the living room. It is from Kvist-Visdal. no. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

The cabin overlooks the Hallangspollen in Nordre Frogn. Around the windows of the living room there is a roof rack with duct tape on top, to shield against the sun without stealing light. In order to withstand heavy snow, tire fishes are fitted for extra support. The ceiling height of the living room is four meters. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Coxvold suggested a facade of Canadian cedar, which turns gray over the years, like an old barn panel.

Besides, it’s amazing!

The frame around the windows and doors is in maintenance-free aluminum, in the Betonggrau color, from Schüco

Each square meter used

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

LÅVEPANEL: The cottage has 90 square meters of ground floor, and a loft with a ceiling height of 1.9 meters. The cladding on the outside walls is a panel with plain surface, so-called barn panel. It is in Canadian cedar which cries over the years and it is maintenance-free. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

The cabin has a surface area of ​​90 square meters, which is the maximum of what is allowed to build in Nordre Frogn municipality.

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

The cabin’s front can be opened to nature

1. The floor contains living room / kitchen, entrance hall, bathroom and sauna, two bedrooms and a technical room / storage room.

In addition, a loft with a ceiling height of 1.9 meters. It contains two bedrooms, one of them sharing the daughters Mari (18) and Ingrid (15), TV room, toilet and office.

High ceilings

The living room has a ceiling height of four meters, and large windows make nature close to.

Just that was important for Kari Janne and the man Kjetil. Therefore, they have also chosen to tone down the colors inside.

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

Funkishytta has nature as its closest neighbor

A large folding door in the front can be opened on good days, so you get the feeling of sitting outside even when you sit inside.

The terrace is furnished as an extra living room, with a nice and soft sofa designed for outdoor use.


On the wall on the terrace, Kari Janne wrote the word “Wonderful” with black steel wire.

– “Wonderful” is one of the finest words I know about. It describes the feeling I have when I sit on the porch with the coffee cup an early morning.

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

TERRACE: In the extension of the kitchen counter inside, a working / unloading bench has been created, dressed in zinc. The polished outdoor sofa from Cane-Line / Skeidar can stand out in any weather. The table has Kari Janne made by a European. The Fiesta chairs from Fiam are purchased from Hus & Hage. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Or when I’m sitting on the couch a nice winter day with a guy on the fireplace and can peek at the ice fishes who stabber around the water.

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

Dream cabin at the oslofjord

I love the sea, it’s so meditative to sit looking beyond, she says.

Reuse and home made

Although most is new in the cabin, it is far from reality. Because Kari Janne is a fan of using what she has before and many things in the cabin are things she has had at home.

In addition, she has made many of the things, like the beautiful nature pots that resemble stones, and have been placed in a group by the window.

They pick up the shapes from the pebble bed outside.

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

SELF-LIFE AND USE: The lamp, it hangs two identical from the living room, is made after recipe from rom123. The Fureka flapper table was designed by Norwegian Edvin Helseth in the 70’s. It was painted in sharp turquoise and was dumped in a hook at Sinsen Brukthall. The seller was happy to finally get rid of it, so we bought it cheap. After trying different colors we ended up with a clean gray. The kitchen chairs are also bought used at Sinsen Brukthall. The kitchen decor is from Mias. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

REVIEW: Between the kitchen counter and the wall with kitchen cabinets, a high, narrow window has been inserted to get a glow in the living room. On the ground outside they have paved with a pebble, it keeps the weeds away as well as it’s nice to look at. Feiekosten is from Norrgavel, the garbage from Ikea. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

She has also sewn most of the pillows in the cabin, and the large, round lamplights in the living room are made after a recipe from room123.


The cottage is used as often as possible during holidays and weekends.

One advantage is that they can commute from the cabin to the jobs in Oslo.

It’s all about pursuing full-time life-enjoyment.

– We love being here. There are untiring, relaxed and very nice neighbors.

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

KITCHEN: A whole wall is dressed with floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet, four meters in total. The fireplace Architektur-Kamin from Brunner has a raised and sloping door, and the fire can be seen from the whole living room. Between the fireplace and the kitchen cabinets there are specially made shelves in metal that the wood is resting on. It is the man Kjetil who has made sure to fill. He is a breeder at Vedhogging. The fireplace is painted with organic lime paint, Pure & Original from wakeupliving. no, which looks like concrete. According to the manufacturer, it may be a good idea to have a few glasses of wine before starting, because the result will be the best if a slurry goes a little bit during the application. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

STUEKROK: The sofa is the family’s largest furniture investment. It has durable features in a wide-striped corded fleece, and accommodates the whole family. And some more. It’s called Baseline and is from Danish Eilertsen. Upstairs lies the cushions that soften up. The concrete board is from MBJ Design. The chair 711 was designed for Vatne by Fredrik A. Kayser in 1960. It is bought on Finn. no. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

When the sun rises early in the morning, it’s time for a coffee out.

Then a summer shop goes to buy freshly baked bread. “To me it’s a dream morning,” says Kari Janne.

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Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

The Steinpuffers have Kari Janne sewn themselves with felt and old quilts, after recipe in room123. They take up the shape of the pebbles that are located just outside the living windows. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

PARENTSOVER: The lamp over the bed has Kari Janne made by himself. That is, she bought a lamp from Ikea and painted on dots with hobby paint from Panduro Hobby. The bed linen and pledge are from City North. The cabinets are built in the wall and do not appear when the doors are left. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

BATH: The bathroom gives spelling. The large 60 x 60 cm tiles are Gelo Mate and are from FagFlis. The sink Lineabeta Bowl is from Kvik, while the luminaire is from Vola. To the left is the sauna with osp, from Tylö. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

HOME OUTDOOR: From the loft, where a small home office is furnished, there is a full view of the living room. The spoon on the wall is really a wallpaper length from Kvist-Visdal. no, but has marked the dining room in the living room. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

GOAL: Within the exits, Kari Janne and Kjetil have made a bench of kitchen overcap from Ikea. The image of Kari Jannes’s parents was taken in the 50’s once, enlarged and transferred to canvas. The Edison concrete lamp is from Kvist-Visdal. no. The staircase is from Vegårdshei Trappesnekkeri. Photo: Dreyer Hensley

Fantastic fun cabin by the Oslo Fjord

OFFICE: On the loft they have accommodated a small office. They can also follow what happens below. The table top and legs are from Ikea, the old Velux lamp is bought on the finn. No, and the heart chairs stood in the old hut. On the wall, Kari Janne has written with steel wire: Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work. The walls are painted with Light Moonstone Flügger 311013. Photo: Dreyer Hensley


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