Expert tips against noisy neighbors

Is it listening where you live? Plasterboard is the solution.

Expert tips against noisy neighbors

Expert tips against noisy neighbors

Overlap: Here the wall is cut and seen above. The other team moves you with half a plate. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

Expert tips against noisy neighbors

Fuging: When there are no plate joints you should flex with acrylic pulp. The gap between the plate and the floor should be between 5 and 10 millimeters. so you can squeeze the acrylic mass. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

Expert tips against noisy neighbors

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Expert tips against noisy neighbors

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Expert tips against noisy neighbors

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Noise can quickly become a source of neighbor conflicts. We have previously asked our readers about which neighborhoods are most bothering them. There was loud music and dog bitching high up.

To keep the sounds on the right side of the wall, plasterboard can be the rescue. They have a good soundproofing effect.

If you put two teams and do it right, this is a quick way to better silencing in your home.

Should you set up a new home, you may want to think about whether you want better soundproofing in some rooms. For example, the toilet and the bedroom.

Gypsum boards can also improve the acoustics of a room if you wish.

How to do it

– People do not know how easy this is to fix. Especially when the sound passes through the wall, you place the plaster directly on existing substrates, says plasterboard operator in Gipsplatmontage AS, Ole Martin Bjørseth, to click. no.

You can also isolate against what is called the airborne airplane by the same method.

If you are going to isolate against step sound, you still use two layers of plaster, but they must hang in something called sound beams so that there is no contact between new and old sky.

Two layers

Two layers of plaster give the best effect. Use the standard plate and lay the plaster so that the other plaster layer overlaps the joints on the first.

When you load the second layer with discs, move them with half a disc.

Use paper tape when sparkling. It gives strong joints that do not break out.

Finally, it is important to spark well in joints and corners.


Thomas Mila is Product Manager at Norgips. He explains that the sound has an incredible ability to creep through the wall along the floor and ceiling.

– To stop this you need to use acrylic pulp. Add acrylic between plaster and substrate where the plaster meets wall and ceiling. Also lay around all the door frames, he says to Click. no.

He emphasizes that there must be an opening of between five and ten millimeters in which the grout will enter.

– In this context, the sound has the same characteristics as water. That means it’s waterproof, so it’s also soundproof, Mila concludes.

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