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Expensive with big oven

Should you buy a new wood stove, it’s not just the design you should pay attention to.

Expensive with big oven

When buying a new wood stove it is very tempting to let the design control. There are so many amazing wood burning stoves.

But there are other factors that are so important when buying a new wood burning stove.

Important with size and insulation

According to the Danish consumer site fpn.dk, there are three factors that are important when buying an oven.

– The first thing you should think about is whether the oven fits the chimney of the house. If the chimney and the furnace do not fit together, it will cause problems with flare and smoke in the living room, in addition to poor combustion, writes fpn.dk.

And the reason they do not fit together is usually that the chimney is not high enough or that it’s too badly insulated.

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Measure the room

Leader in the Heat Producers’ Association Grethe Bachmann says to Click.no that the most important thing to think about before buying an oven is how much to heat up.

– In addition, one should consider whether the oven should be used as an additional heat or main heating. Too many are the purpose of firing because they want to save on the power. An oven that can save the heat will be an advantage because it will emit heat throughout the night or throughout the day if it’s fired in the morning, “says Bachmann.

She also tells that ovens with a lot of clay tiles and tiles will save the heat and emit it for many hours after quitting.

– It’s possible to say that it’s uneconomic with a big oven, but the most important thing is to fire properly. By the proper firing, most of the energy in the wood is utilized. Many people look at how many kW an oven can provide. It is equally important to see how little it can provide. It says something like how little heat it is possible to get out of the oven by the proper firing.

A little tip is that the oven is too big if it gets too hot once you light up.

Do not just think about design

Also, the general manager of Norsk Ved Oddvar Espegard believes it is important to think about the size.

– Many people think of furniture in the living room and this with a combination glass and oven with glass window. For large furnaces, the room gets too hot. Excessive oven makes the room too hot. Then you pull the pull and try to dampen the heat that way. It’s not good, he says to Click.no.

On the other hand, he believes that in a small furnace you can fire a nice little fire that burns lightly and thus releases some harmful flue gases.

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