Especially one thing is important to avoid this

This is done if the glasses are matte.

Especially one thing is important to avoid this

Factors that can affect glass:

Glass Quality, Composition and Shape

Scratch and notch in the glass surface

Washing temperature


The water quality


Source: Malin Skaar, Lilleborg

Glasses can become white, matte and gray for a variety of reasons. If you’re lucky, you can get the glasses blank again. But it may also be that your glasses have been matted forever.

If the matte is caused by lime or corrosion, it will determine if you can manage to get it removed or not.

– If the glasses have been coated, it is possible to remove it, but by glass corrosion there is little to do, “says cleaning expert Malin Skaar in Lilleborg.

Lime lime coating

If there is lime that is the reason for discoloration on the glasses, it is a good news. Lime means that the coating can be removed.

Elisabet Høie, author of the book “Pure Glory”, states in the book that lime or hard water can be removed by washing the glasses in a mixture of citric acid and water.

– Mix 50 grams of citric acid in a hot water wash basin. Put the glasses up until the coating disappears, writes Høie.

In addition, scissors suggest that some vinegar in the washing water can make the noise.

Glass Corrosion

Another, more common cause of glass getting a matte white coating is glass corrosion, which results in some constituents like minerals being washed out of the glass mass. There may be several reasons for glass corrosion, but unfortunately there is little that can be done if it has first occurred.

Corrosion often occurs where the tension in the glass is greatest.

The shape of glass and how it is produced will be of great importance for glass corrosion and how it develops, explains Skaar in Lilleborg..

She emphasizes that it is a useful rule to clean glass a couple of times a year – whether used or not.

– This will remove the alkaline skin that is formed upon contact with the moisture in the air. Furthermore, it is important to protect the glasses as far as possible against moisture to prevent attacks, explains Skaar.

She tells us that in the old days glass was often produced with a lot of lead. Generally, there is an increased risk of glass corrosion on old crystal glass, as the lead can be washed out of the glass material.

How to avoid glass corrosion

As mentioned, little can be done if the glass is first corroded, but you can take your precautions.

Especially one thing is important to avoid this

NOT TO TAKE: New crystal glasses can be washed in the dishwasher, but be careful not to blow each other apart. Photo: Colourbox

One of the things you can do is to be careful with your glasses, because glass that has scratches and notches is more prone to corrosion.

– Scratches and scratches in the glass surface will make glassware more accessible for attack, which accelerates the corrosion process. It is therefore important that as far as possible it is avoided that glass hits each other in the dishwasher, as well as during storage and use, Skaar emphasizes.

Glass that is exposed to steam and moisture will also be more prone to corrosion.

Lena Klanderud, Marketing Manager at Magnor Glassworks, says that it is therefore a good idea to install the dishwasher as soon as the program is finished.

– Set up the door as soon as the machine is piping, so that the steam comes out, she tips about treating crystal glass.

Do not set the glass upside down

Høie recommends using a gentle program on the dishwasher. Scissors agree and point out that glass corrosion will generally increase with increasing temperature.

– It’s a good rule to always wash glasses at the lowest possible temperature, preferably not over 55 degrees, she points out.

You can also avoid corrosion by removing the dishes quickly from the machine so that the glasses do not stay in the damp steam from the machine for long.

Moisture should be avoided to counteract glass corrosion.

– It is essential to protect the glass from moisture to prevent glass corrosion. It’s important not to put the glasses upside down in the closet because this will shut up moisture inside the glass, “says Skaar.

Also, the lid and cork for glass containers should not be screwed, but stored next to it.

– Valuable glass can be wiped with a dish towel immediately after washing. Glass should generally be kept as cool and dry as possible, concludes Skaar.

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