Especially one thing in this picture is important for cabin owners

This is what we want when buying a cabin.

– It is desirable that there is not too much maintenance and that you can travel in the cabin to relax. Close proximity to nature experiences, grocery store and not too long travel is also important criteria, says Harald Osdal, real estate agent in Krogsveen Moa.

It may seem like we are concerned that cabin life should be simple. We preferably buy the cabin completely and would like to drive all the way to the front door. It should also be a little nice, but traditional.

Many also indicate that our cabin size requirements are not completely violent.

Dag Kjell Langlie in Drammen’s houses and cabins can tell that sales are mainly in cabins of between 70 and 100 square meters, while sales among the largest cabins have fallen. However, in the past year, he has seen a tendency for the size to increase slightly.

The trend in cabin size is that this has gone down slightly over the last four to five years, maybe 10-15 square meters less, he says.

Traditional with modern touch

We love a more modern interior than before. We want larger glass surfaces, more funky touches and new window sizes, and glass rails.

Especially one thing in this picture is important for cabin owners

MODERN: We would like to have the traditional log cabin, but with a modern touch, like in this cabin at Lesja forest water in Lesja municipality in Oppland. Photo: Stian Wiik / Krogsveen

– Likewise, more and more finishing finishes like paint, paint and so on, “Langlie says.

However, that does not mean that cottage is not yet a cottage. The old furnace panel still lives, although we gladly make some modifications.

– With regard to design and new versus old style, there is undoubtedly a desire to come “in the cabin”. Although many choose to light up old pine, it is desirable that there are pine in the ground, says Osdal in Krogsveen, who can tell that the modern cabins are usually out for sale than the classic log cabins.

Picky buyers

However, at the Signature Cabin there is an even greater tendency for Norwegians to want large, nice and new cabins. Most of the cabins we supply are between 85-150m2 of utility area (BRA).

– We see trends in large chalets, and the buyer group is more picky. The buyer will have large windows, finishing walls and ceilings, and exclusive parquet floors. Most people want water and sewage. The cottage is soon nicer than at home, says Alf Rune Stangeland, Sales and Purchasing Manager..

And last but not least; The cabin must be patched and ready.

– Before, you often built yourself, but now we will finish it. Earlier, we delivered a lot more building kits, but now people want it turnkey. In addition, the requirements for construction are stricter, so you can not always do it yourself.

The road to the cabin is most important

What seems to be the most important thing for the cottage buyers is location and itinerary. Most people would like to come forward easily.

– We find that location and access, including travel and travel time, are important for most people when buying a leisure property, says Anders Forbæk Vangen, general manager of DNB property Os.

Other important factors are recreational opportunities nearby, such as hiking terrain, archipelago, etc.. Alpine and restaurant offers are examples of other factors that may be important.

Especially one thing in this picture is important for cabin owners

TRADITIONAL: A cottage is not a cottage without a rock. Photo: Stian Wiik / Krogsveen

Many, however, still want it “as always”, and are willing to sacrifice a little and also work a little for the very simple cabin life, well placed in calm Norwegian nature.

– There are still examples that some want a primitive cabin life, where the requirements for inland power and water are less important. Often the stakeholders in this category are willing to sacrifice that one should drive to the door and will be able to appreciate that there is some way to go to the cabin. What is often left for this is a more unpredictable location, says Vangen.

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Learn to think long-term

Especially one thing in this picture is important for cabin owners

BIG: – There is a great deal of scope in what requirements buyers have as standard. This is often the case with the price range. The higher the price, the stricter will become people’s requirements for “luxury standards”, says Anders Fosbæk Vangen in DNB Eiendom. This cabin in Kvednaskogen in Hordaland is furnished with tiles, heating cables and appliances. Photo: Inviso

At Drammen houses & cabins Langlie has the following advice for those who want to buy a cottage:

– As a cottage buyer, I think people should consider their own needs to a greater extent, and do not shop for large, beautiful cabins with many beds because you want to bring all your friends and acquaintances. It often does not work like this after a while as you often want quiet and quiet weekends after the time you have known the cabin. You must also think that this should be maintained and cleaned. See if it is possible to set up a small guesthouse or annexe, he advises.

– In the planning phase, it is important that you investigate the regulation in the area you want to build a cabin. Check what is allowed on site, so you do not plan and dream about a cabin that is not allowed to build on the plot.

Also make sure you get the most appropriate budget in the cabin so you do not get surprises along the way.

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