Dream house

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

Take your vacation home, in the cottage on the terrace.

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

Staying like Elin and Rune, high up in a cliff on Sunnmøre, with wonderful views of the mountains and fjord, you will take care of the beautiful view almost at all costs.

– We are so happy here! The proximity to fjord and mountain feels just as important as being able to eat and sleep. The view takes our breath away, and when we are out we experience the body what nature can give us, no matter what weather, says Elin.

Around the entire front of the house runs a terrace that provides unobstructed views to Storfjorden. There is access to the terrace through large, double doors from the living room, but the view is also gained through many and large windows.

Inside good, but out of order, or?

Elin and Rune appreciate the windows, but like the best. Both swear to philosophy there is no bad weather, just bad clothes. Practical, as the weather here changes quickly, and often worse.

– It can blow really hard, but we love to sit on the terrace and enjoy the tranquility. One evening seven years ago we sat outside and did not want to go in. We sat right up to the house, laughing at the worst wind. Then we realized we could build a living wall. A little further in the evening came the idea of ​​a fireplace, Elin says.

From there it was ballooning. Eventually, the wish for a roof, and therefore a wall came. The following year they realized that it would have been possible to shut down completely, thus placing glass doors. These keep wind and rain out, but do not close for the view.

From Dream to Reality

Today a nice and practical living room is ready. Although outdoor space may not be a completely comprehensive word.

– It’s more like a little mountain hut, just it’s home, says Elin.

The room is 12 square meters and it is located next door to the house. The centerpiece is the big leaky fireplace, which in addition to heat and food can be used for cooking. Until the fireplace, Elin has built a closet, which is used to store everything from wood to matches.

The room is decorated in a trendy, Scandinavian chic style. The color palette is neutral, with a lot of white, gray and black contrasts. The walls are painted in white and driftwood, colors that harmonize wonderfully with the landscape outside, especially in the winter months. Imprint of natural materials and dye colors gives a rusty, warm and calm result.

– It gives a wonderful peace of mind and sitting here. It almost feels like therapy, says Elin.

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

PLEASURE: Elin and Rune never get tired of the view to the fjord. The chairs were some tired outdoor chairs, which had a new life with black paint and homemade cushions. The table was a bakery in a bakery and the lamp is from Palma. The cupboard in the corner has Elin space-built, it stores barbecue litter, wood and matches. Photo: Carina Olander

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

PEISKOS: The fireplace in the garden is mostly lit all year long, in summer to cook and enjoy, and in winter also to provide the required heat. Photo: Carina Olander

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

GOOD MESSAGE: The chairs from Ikea have got soft leather and decorative pillows from Princess. A vase of dry growth from the garden is decorative decoration in the winter months, along with candles in the lamps of House Doctor and Tine K Home.. A shelf on the wall holds more light and fine decor. Photo: Carina Olander

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

BIT FOR BIT: Elin and Rune have designed the fireplace and got it built by local craftsmen. The floor is simply the terrace, walls and ceilings have arrived as the living room transformed itself from living space to a whole house. Photo: Carina Olander

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

DECORATIVE: Riviera Maison and ceramic from Tine K Home are decorated with the decoration in the garden. Photo: Carina Olander

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

NATURE INN: Fencewood from the shore together with candle holders in the basket and concrete, the garden provides timely decoration. Photo: Carina Olander

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

NATIONAL AND FUNCTION: The old box used Elin’s dad in the fishing village. Today is the practical shelf that houses modern pottery from Tine K Home and delicious tea. Photo: Carina Olander

Enjoying the cottage life on the terrace

NATURAL MATERIALS: On the opposite wall of the fireplace stands a table Elin has made himself, with legs of branches and concrete top. Since the branches are not so stable, Elin has attached the table top to the wall as well. Some candlesticks from the Kremmer House and a smell from House Doctor put the mood along with the season’s growths from the garden. Under the table is a stack of warm blankets for cool evenings, when you do not want to close the glass doors. Photo: Carina Olander


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