Dung Cat!

There is advice.

Dung Cat!

Some like cats. Others like flowers better. The problem with cats digging and rendering in the flower bed is well known for an anonymous user on a click. nos online forum:

“I’m so sad the pissed neighbor’s cat like a daily driter in my flowerbed !!! I’ve sown sunflowers there twice now and every time most people have been dug up and destroyed. Back lies cat rides. Now I need a advice to get it away !! A piece of advice that does NOT make my bed look stupid with stones or twigs everywhere, yet guaranteeing that the cat wine disappears for good! “

Do not despair. Do not breed.

The advice on how to keep cats away comes here.

– There are some chemical substances that can be put into the beds. You can buy the funds in animal shops, says Bjarne Olai Braastad, professor of ethics at the Norwegian Environmental and Biological Sciences University (NMBU).

Several of the funds distinguish a sour smell that the cats shine.

– You often have to try out different variants before you find something that works, says Braastad.

He says that different types of flower soils are usually a favorite of the cats because it is so soft.

If the accident has already been there, there are ways to remove the smell of catfish.

Cartoon Cats

If you want to try a pair of warp threads against catfish and catfish in the flower beds, you can choose between these from

Pepper: To keep the cats away, you can sprinkle pepper where it is conceivable that they come. When they smell on the spot to see if other male cats have been there, they will sniff pepper into the nose. This will make them cloud the area.

Garlic: Put garlic boats around the ground. The cat caresses the smell.

Apple peel: Apple peel should prevent the cat from returning there to re-mark its area

Water level: Put a bottle of half full of water. The bottle may be plastic but must be blank so that the liquid mirror is displayed. You can put out something that is finer than a bottle if you want, only the liquid mirror will appear.

Coffee grinder: Not only does it keep cats away, the coffee grinder acts as fertilizer as well.

Dung Cat!

SCREEN: It helps more with, for example, orange peel, garlic, pepper or funds you can buy at the pet shop. Photo: Thinkstockphotos

Dung Cat!

ANIMAL SCREENS: Exhaustion ultrasound of around 23 kHz that scares cats, dogs, squirrels and rabbits away, but is not perceived by humans. PIR (passive infrared) system turns over the area and automatically turns on the sound if an animal moves. Photo:

Cat scaring

It is also possible to buy a so-called cat shrink, a battery-powered installation that detects movements and emits a sound that scares animals but is not heard by people.

Braastad has also heard about the warp threads to put apple peel and pepper.

– But it has short duration. There will probably be a lot of orange peel, he says.

He emphasizes that cats do not pee to mark reefs, as many believe.

– Outdoor outdoor marking is a part of the social signals of cats. Normally, cats do not want to mark reefs outdoors, it’s mostly to mark “I was here now”, like a business card. It is a very natural instinct for cats and not easy to stop. What you can do is urine marking indoors, he says.

Odd Olav Bratteberg, Press Officer in Oslo City Environment, says that there are few problems with catrolling in the city’s flower beds. However, he has a gardener tip the gardener’s gardeners use against deer.

– Essential oils keep the deer away. It will work against cats too. The oils can be sharp in the smell but are not toxic, he says.

– Use box

Dung Cat!

KASSSE: The Animal Relocation Association recommends all cat owners to train the cat to dispose of a suitable box. Photo: Evgeniya Tiplyashina / Thinkstockphotos

Lene Kjeldaas, volunteer at the Cat House of the Animal Relocation Association (FOD) recommends all cat owners to have a doc.

– Cats like to dig over when they have done so, so they should have an alternative to the flower beds if they do not want them to go there, she says.

Hands FPS gets phones from desperate cataboes who get their flower beds used as a cat toilets.

“It’s important to have a good communication with your neighbor, so you’ll probably find a solution that works for all parties,” says Kjeldaas..

Braastad also supports training the cats to use a cat toilet, and emphasizes the importance of using an ok cat litter. However, it’s not just bad upbringing that makes your neighbor’s cat get rid of your bed.

– Cats find the place they find themselves most comfortable. It may be difficult to train the cat to just use a cat toilet, because it would rather choose itself, he says.

He believes people should show some tolerance to the cat’s behavior.

– There are worse problems in the world than some stools in the flowerbed.

At the NMBU, they do not have any problems with catrolling in the beds.

– We see it as free fertilizer, really, says Braastad, and suggests an alternative handling of the problem for cat owners:

– If the neighbor complains to the boy in the bed, you can only answer that you do not have to send an invoice for it.

– Plants that fit the shade

– To get rid of brown spots in the grass


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