Dumbbells do not hold targets

Have you bought a drum that is not full two meters? Everything is as it should be, says the manufacturer.

Dumbbells do not hold targets

Dumbbells do not hold targets

Maximum deviation: A meter stick may have a deviation of up to 1.4 mm in two meters. Photo: the manufacturer

Dumbbells do not hold targets

Two classes: Measuring tape class one can have deviations up to plus minus 0.3 millimeters in two meters, and class two can have up to 0.7 millimeters. Photo: the manufacturer

Norway is a country of thumb, despite the fact that this is the biggest deviation tool.

How can drums have different lengths?

Dag Erlandsen at Hultafors says that the EU has its own classification system for measuring tools.

There is the classroom three-pole. That is, an acceptable deviation of plus minus 1.4 millimeters per two meters.

Rule country

– There are two things that explain the deviation of thumbs: They are often made in wood, which are affected by temperature and humidity, and it is also all the joints, which is also a source of inaccuracy, says Erlandsen.

Recommend measuring tape

Measuring tape is more accurate and he recommends this if you need absolutely accurate goals.

– Measuring tape is divided into two classes: Class one with a tolerable deviation of plus minus 0.3 millimeters on two meters, and class two with a deviation of 0.7 millimeters, he says.


– You also have measurement tools that are unclassified, so there is no limit to the extent of the deviation.

No meaning

These deviations do not matter if you are working on the same measuring tools.

The figure itself is completely uninteresting, but it can cause problems if more people work together, with different measuring tape and thumbs, “says Erlandsen.

Tips from the furniture nest

Thomas Reitan is a furniture nail master at Bache-Wiig & Reitan. He has some simple tips.

  • Use the same meter or tape measure throughout your job.
  • Double-check your goal.
  • When the meter is not long enough, you must set more lines. Place a cross at the line you are going to cut off so that you do not sharpen the wrong line.
  • How to set the line from the tape measure, which side of the line you’re crouching should be done the same way each time. Make some rules, end Reitan.

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