Dream home in minitomt

Long and narrow building body became the solution on the narrow plot.

Dream home in minitomt

Dream home in minitomt

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Dream home in minitomt

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Dream home in minitomt

Ferdighus? Yes please!

The space was not more than 14 meters wide, and it was sloping.

The challenge was to place a house on the slope.

The solution became a long and narrow building body of 6 x 24 meters.

Customization on the site

The challenge with this project was the same as in all other construction projects: How to find the good properties of the site?

– We solved it by exploring directions of heaven, view, insight, vegetation, the topography of the plot and the regulation , explains Rune Ramfelt, the architect of the house and, at the same time, owns with his wife, the visual artist Alison Legat.

Dream home in minitomt

ORKESTERPLASS: The master bedroom has got the most prominent place, which extends to the surroundings. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

– All this, together with our own wishes and dreams, formed the basis for the concept of house.

Smart Choice

  • Passive solar heating using heavy, magazine materials and large windows facing south and west.
  • Exterior cladding is maintenance free: Corrugated sinus slabs for walls, wooden windows made with aluminum and fittings in zinc and aluminum. Untreated, walled walls, as well as high energy glass with sunbathing inserts and a paddle-free coating that just needs flushing.
  • 50 cm insulation in the ceiling to compensate for the heat loss in the large glass surfaces.
  • Well drilled heat pump and a balanced ventilation system with 80 percent heat recovery.


The house is located in a well-established villa area in Bærum, with many venerable treasures.

– Building between two nearby, traditional wooden houses, requires an architectural break, a contrast to the neighboring houses, explains Ramfelt, who is a partner of the architectural firm Marlow Ramfelt AS.

Another house of the same type would make the place a townhouse, Ramfelt’s opinion.

He believes that a contrasting form of building can emphasize the architecture of the neighboring buildings and give excitement as long as the volume is kept close to or less than the neighboring houses.

Dream home in minitomt

LEVEL: Kitchen and living room are characterized by openness and proximity between the rooms. The sofas “Cicero” from Erik Jørgensen, the tables are designed by architect Ramfelt and music systems from Bang and Olufsen on Skøyen. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Held the vegetation

Dream home in minitomt

SELECTED: The kitchen with dining area is minimalist but contentious. Gas fireplace from Heat & Glo, glass wall with LED lighting recessed in the wall portion. The kitchen interior is from Bulthaup, dining table and coffee table are made of sandblasted steel with Corian countertops drawn by Ramfelt. The chairs “Catifa” from the Italian Arper. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

It was essential to keep the vegetation against the sea to dampen the remote effect of the house.

Almost the 300 square meter house behind old pine trees disappears from the beach.

For the same reason, gray was chosen as a facade color.

– A white house would look much more in relation to the landscape, Ramfelt points out.

Six floors

The house’s floor plan has both taken into consideration the narrow and sloping plot while having the desired view.

Dream home in minitomt

OUR ART: The use of large and small glass openings gives a lot of light and view. Artwork by Alison Leggat. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

The building body therefore moves over six levels, and for the same reason, more of the rooms necessarily had to be behind each other.

Dream home in minitomt

PARADISE VIEWS: The sunken bath is dressed with travertine and has its own window to the fjord. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

However, according to Rune Ramfelt, it was important that the master bedroom had the best location of the house, therefore it is located in the front of the house and extends to the surroundings.

– Waking up to light and views is a great start to the day, describing the homeowners happy. – And then it’s important to place the windows where light and view is best.

From salt water to tub

In the back of the master bedroom there is a bathroom, separated only from the bedroom by a glass wall.

The bathroom includes a sunken bath with its own window.

There is a spacious walk-in closet between the bathroom and the hallway.

The Good Life

The inside of the railings is glass to avoid visual obstacles to the environment.

The interior is generally characterized by minimalism, but with Alison’s artwork and a few sculptures and design objects as attention makers.

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Dream home in minitomt

HELP: In the bathrooms, both floors, walls and washbasins are dressed with Travertine Romano. Toilets and sinks are from Simas Frozen and have it in the bathroom / Skøyen. Tapwell mixer and Iguzzini lighting. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

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Dream home in minitomt

UTEPLASSEN: Outside the kitchen is the dining area for the hot summer days. The glass table is designed by Le Corbusier and the chairs are from Ikea. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen


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