Dream cabin that takes your breath away

The cabin of architect Preben Holst is impressive and discreet at the same time.

Dream cabin that takes your breath away

Dream cabin that takes your breath away

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Dream cabin that takes your breath away

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Dream cabin that takes your breath away

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Dream cabin that takes your breath away

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When the Oslo architect Preben Holst and his family built a cabin on the mountain, the adaptation to the landscape and nature was important.

The most important thing for us was to take care of most of the nice crooked birch trees on the slight sloping 850m2 plot at Skeikampen, just a few hundred meters from the ski lifts, he tells the click. no, and underlines that when the cabin is now ready the trees are exposed to wind and weather, and also helps to preserve the original high altitude.

A flood of daylight

In order to get the best possible light, view and sun conditions, Holst has the 23 meter long main building with its long side facing the sun in the south.

Dream cabin that takes your breath away

PANORAMA: Overview of the living room interior with windows almost all the way around. Smooth, gray concrete floor. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

View room and skylights

The living room at the east end of the building is the dominant main room and center of the cabin. And with large windows almost all the way around and rows of glass on top of the exterior walls, the family gets views in three directions.

– And in the evening we can see the glitter in the lights from Hafjell, on the other side of Gudbrandsdalen, tells Preben.

Right-Right Cabin

Dream cabin that takes your breath away

FRODIG MIKS: The terracotta-colored fireplace is the center of the living room. The roof is made of gray painted steel pillars and glue drawers. More bedrooms on the loft. Sofa from Exo Furniture Studio. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

In order to get the right list on the main cabin, get into the view and follow the municipal regulations, the team Holst has long page volumes on both sides of the building’s longevity.

Viewpoints and Panoramas

Through the long-range window rails high on the wall, the family can sit in peace and quiet and see the storm mess in the trees around the cabin. Sometimes they also enjoy the sight of the snowfire that drives over the top of the Skeikampen.

Lerk inside, lerk out

The architect used larch wood materials both inside and out.

Dream cabin that takes your breath away

HIGH RIGHT: From the hallway you can see the stylish, modern ceiling and wall structure. The concrete floor “flows” through hallway, kitchen and living room – without thresholds. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

– I chose this wood material both because it is sturdy and beautiful, and when it is left untreated, it gets a discreet, silver-gray patina that makes the colors of the houses go into the nature, explains the builder.

Dream cabin that takes your breath away

LIGHT GLIGHT: The cozy corner is located at the east end of the living room. From here you can see the lights from Hafjell on the other side of Gudbrandsdalen. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin that takes your breath away

– I wanted to make a cabin that was as visually narrow as possible, while it would be good to live in, says architect Preben Holst. Photo: Photo. Nils Petter Dale

The six-meter-long kitchen is also in larch, has steel kettles in steel on top.

It is made in collaboration with Gjeving Trevare in Tvedestrand.

Creepy and hot concrete

The building is special in both form and materials, and across the hallway and living room, the smooth slab of concrete is heated with heat in.

It’s both a beautiful floor, good to walk on and it’s rugged enough to withstand the walk from many big and small alpine peeled.

Tough thanks

The special roof is worn by steel columns and glue drawers. The constriction is robust and meticulously dimensioned to withstand the high snow weight that can occur in this high-heeled.

Center is the roof height 4.5 m.

Gudbrandsdalen calls

– The architecture in this living room and the whole plant is inspired by the old building practice in Gudbrandsdalen. Just think of the barns in this valley. They are also long-tailed, while they often strive a little upwards, comments the builder Preben Holst.

Our Form of Languages ​​

Holst says that he would take advantage of the possibilities of modern architecture as far as possible in this project.

– This is the form of our time, and in this field there are a lot of exciting design possibilities. Both in the form of new materials, voluminous volumes and contact possibilities for nature as the traditional building style does not have.

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Dream cabin that takes your breath away

WIND ON VIDDA: The master bedroom on the first floor has a large window facing southwest. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

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