Dream cabin by the oslofjord

The cabin is open to all sides.

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

The architect’s own cabin in the inner Oslofjord is liberating open, simple and down to earth.

This is so-called timeless, modern architecture that appeals to all generations, and not least to children and youth who will be active all day long outdoors.

This modern-day project is in close family with architecture like the super-compact ski hut, the Finnish architectural hut with bonfire space in the middle of the mega terrace and the cool mini craft huts that have come lately.

A ramsalt trip to holiday island

The boat trip out to the cabin on the island is a separate, ram salt experience. Here you have a magnificent view over the hills in Asker, Nesodden and the capital in the distance.

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

BUILT A LIGHT IN THE SKOG: Here you can see how low the cottage is on the grass plot on the top of the island. The area of ​​the plant is located in the foreground. Outdoor kitchen, whirlpool and booths further behind. The lawn in front of the cabin is perfect for ball games m. m. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

STIL RENT OF SAFETY: The cabin seen from the other side, towards the country. Here you also see how the special play panel gives the building a light character. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

WHY: The Svalbard can be used for so many, including storage and drying of wood. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

HYTTAS LONG-STRONG TIME: The twenty-meter-long waterfall is a favorite place of residence and suitable for many types of occupations, regardless of weather. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

HEADS ON TIMES: The building has a very simple cement and steel pipe foundation. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

AN ALTERNATE HOUSE: The twenty-meter-long swallow can be used for drying yarns. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

The building floats above the ground

– We thought summer life all the way when we designed this resort, “says the architects Trine Faye-Lund and Jostein Bjørndal to Hytteliv. no.

– Grab as the low lying lines and an additional easy foundation of the building that cause the cabin to almost float above the ground was important to us, tells the architect.

Otherwise, the holiday resort is discreetly located on an open area on the plot, in the middle of a small hill, where the island is as narrowest. The owners also kept the vegetation belt between the cottage and the sea and they did not cut a single tree on the plot.

The areas around the house occasionally grow grassy so the outdoor areas in front of the cabin became ideal for ball games and other summer activities.


Because the cabin is quite open on a hill, it’s another challenge to shield it from the occasional fresh sunbreak from the south and the little cool dragon that goes in from the north when the fall is on its way.

– Being able to sit in the big sturdy room at the very end of the long-haired building body and look in the landscape on both sides is incredible. These glides, the sight lines to the sea, woods and hills were otherwise obtained after we carefully cleaned the bushes between the trees around the house, telling the owners to

Thought from A to Z

The cabin is distinctly rational. To get a good ceiling height and airiness inside, the roof has very little fall.

The covered outdoor area with outdoor kitchen and a 20 meter long swimming pool forms a separate part of the cabin, almost completely free.

The kitchen is a discovery. It is made as a separate room and is completely open to one side and with glass wall to the other.

To prevent drag, light plates are placed throughout the house. The slender steel pipe and concrete foundation helps both this part and the rest of the building appear to float above the ground.

Special Panel

– The distance down to the mountain range varied from 10 to 80 cm, says architect Jostein Bjørndal. We poured out soil, put down pipes and castings. Consumption was half a sack of cement and a little sand, as well as some galvanized, three-inch tubes of different lengths, the expert states.

The special toy exterior is laid horizontally and helps the cabin facade and the entire building get a personal, airy style expression.

The owners pulled the building well into the ground so the beach zone just below was as open and open as possible.

Multiple independent devices

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

A LONGSTRACT HOUSE: See how easy and elegant the whirlpool is built. Various stalls are located at the very end of this “tram”. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Oslofjord cabin of 60 square meters contains a fully open living / living room, the twenty-meter long whirlpool, the outdoor kitchen, various stalls and three bedrooms.

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

Is this Norway’s most beautiful cottage?

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Dream cabin by the oslofjord

A ROOM FOR GOOD EXPERIENCE: The kitchen has a distinctly simple and efficient interior. This is the perfect setting for spring and summer meals. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

Living Room FREE: The wood burning stove is the supreme center in the stew of the summer cabin. Here, there is also a complete open view on both sides. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

BACKGROUNDS: The solid wall has a fireplace on one side and a wood burning stove for the other. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Dream cabin by the oslofjord

ONE EXCELLENT INTERIOR CONSIDERATIONS: The wood stove, wood stack and light wood construction fit together. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

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Dream cabin by the oslofjord

Sloping walls protect the cabin against wild storms

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