Dream bath on budget

You do not have to spend a fortune making your home home a wonderful haven.

Dream bath on budget

According to figures from the Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO), as many as one in four Norwegians use spatial services on average 1.7 times a year.

And as bathroom dealers notice, more and more of us want to get the same feeling of luxury at home.

Do not flag with thousands of flaps for the time being, we have a good news: You can get the good spa feeling without having to completely renovate the bathroom.

According to the iVillage website, it’s no problem to turn the bathroom into an enjoyment zone – without having to clear the account. Here are our best tips to give you the dream home for a cheap money:

Hide the mess

The bathroom is a room where many things are to be kept, from towels to balm and shaving cream, and often also dirty clothes. That’s why it’s obvious that good and smart storage solutions can make the difference between a room you can relax in and a room you’re stressed just at the thought of getting into.

Dream bath on budget

REMOVE THE ROCK: Do not get stressed by mess that floats, hide it and find peace. Photo: Ikea

At expensive spa hotels there are open surfaces and calm and air that prevails, so rot has no place here.

The best tip for getting a nice and relaxing bathroom is no doubt clearing up, says communications adviser at Ikea, Siv Elizabeth Egger.

Many of us do not have the opportunity to have the washing machine or laundry baskets in a place other than the bathroom, and these are things that do not necessarily create calm and harmony. That’s why you have to think smart – you can put the laundry curtains under or in a wallet, for example. . The same can be done with the washing machine, as long as you have easy access to the opening.

Small items can be stored in neat boxes or curves in natural materials, which in turn gives the right natural spa feeling.


It would be an investment to install different types of light in the bathroom. A good thank you one is must.

Then be sure to have the right work light, whether you want to make makeup, brush your teeth or shave.

If you set up a dimmer, you will also be able to shrink the lighting of the bathroom to just as bright or dark as you wish, which will make the bathroom a more relaxing place to be.

Dream bath on budget

DICE TONER: It should be soothing to be at the spa. Decorate the bathroom with dice tones and you are well on your way. Photo: Producer / The White Company

Good and lit light

Dream bath on budget

Here’s just going down

Should you first enjoy a proper home experience, be sure to have enough candles at your fingertips. Feel free to choose someone for the right luxury feeling.

– Invest in some good aroma lights and you will notice the difference, Lene Vestrum believes at Ha Det in Badet på Skøyen.

– It’s worth adding some money to a scented light that has both a long burn time and which is made of natural materials.

Quiet setting

Quiet colors belong at the spa and should also do it in your bathroom if it’s relaxing surroundings you’re looking for.

Dream bath on budget

NEW IMPULSES: Exclusive scented lights and gorgeous designer towels will raise the style of your bathroom. Photo: Producer

Warm damped light and calm colors seem calming, explains Vestrum to Bonytt. no.

Dream bath on budget

The world’s most romantic hotel room

– If you do not plan to renovate the bathroom and do not paint or add new tiles, be sure to introduce natural colors to all the small items instead, such as shower curtains and towels.

Enter Nature

Most of the spa has elements of nature in the decor. Colors and shapes taken from nature often have a calming effect and will therefore fit the bathroom perfectly.

– We see that people mainly want peace and harmony in the bathroom, explains Siv Egger at Ikea.

– Natural elements like wood and plants are something that creates a cozy and soothing environment, and there is no reason why you can not use these items in the bathroom.

Egger pulls out the Ikea series Molger, which has benches and shelves in birch.

Feel free to take a green plant or two into the bathroom to contribute to the tranquil spa feeling. The bonus here is that your plants will thank you, as most plants enjoy the moisture in the bathroom.

Dream bath on budget

TAKE THE NATURE WITH YOUR BATH: View of nature is a luxury. If you do not have it, you’ll get cheating with little details. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen / Producer


Dream bath on budget

Press a button and the glass wall becomes transparent

If your bathroom towels are a mixture of colorful children’s towels and old bath sheets from the bed, consider investing in new ones. Nothing is like wrapping up a big, soft towels after the bathroom, and maybe someone in delicate dark colors.

– Badelaken gives the right luxury feeling, says Lene Vestrum.

– And as with bedding there is a big difference in the quality of towels as well. Good towels should be soft and should absorb the water quickly.

If you want a fresher look, consider the towels in a spell pattern, like some from Italian Missoni.


Dream bath on budget

SMART STORAGE: Hide the mess. This makes you relaxed. Photo: Ikea

If you live compact, or your bathroom is without window and natural light, it can help to spend a few dollars in a large wall-mounted mirror.

Dream bath on budget

Smart tips for decorating the bedroom

– The mirror will send the light around the room and increase room feel significantly, explains Siv Egger at Ikea.

– The feeling of more light and air will make your bathroom seem more soothing and relaxing.

bath mat

The last thing you want after lying in a hot bath is to be shocked back to reality as you step down on cold floor tiles. Do not you have heating cables?

Invest in a large, soft bath mat that covers the area in front of the bathtub where you put down your legs as you step out.

In the bathtub

Nothing is so relaxing after a hectic day like sunbathing among fragrant bubbles. Clean the children’s toys, half-empty shampoo bottles and enjoy delicious home time.

Dream bath on budget

MAKE BATHROOM TO A DELICIOUS PLACE: Soft lighting, candlelight and soft towels all contribute to creating a luxury feel in the bathroom. Photo: Housetohome. co. uk and margaret m. the long

– Pamper yourself with some delicious products, preferably some extra luxurious that you do not use every day, Lene Vestrum believes at Ha Det i Badet.

Dream bath on budget

This is the best cleaning tip in the bathroom

A glass of good drink also contributes to the right spa feeling.

The little extra

Here are the last few things that raise your bathroom at the spa level in a sweep:

1. Heated towel dryer

Simply because it’s a special type of luxury to wipe in a heated heated towel.

2. Bath Shelf

These are perfect for holding the book you read in the bathroom, scented light or the wine glass. Nice to look at are they too.

Dream bath on budget

THE RIGHT STYLE: Keep rotten and small in beautiful containers and invest in new towels. Photo: West Elm / Manufacturers

3. Luxury Products

Dream bath on budget

Here you want to spend the day in the bathroom

Get advice on some proper spa products when you first make a spa. Face mask, peeling, hardcore, buy the best you can afford, and make the supermarket products for your busy life.

4. Clothing

A delicious soft bathrobe is the thing to wear when you are going to new your own company in the bathroom for some delicious hours. Buy a pair of slippers too and the spa feeling is complete.

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Dream bath on budget

DIY: You made a light spa feel at home with our smart little tips. Photo: House of Pictures


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