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– Double check home report

8 out of 10 housing sales reports are missing. Check the reports with lupe, advise the Consumer Council.

- Double check home report

- Double check home report

– This insurance is not required

- Double check home report

This summer you can get tax cuts

- Double check home report

How to hijack your dream home

- Double check home report

Lots to save on home insurance

Many people find that there are shortcomings in the home they have just purchased.

Bad residential sales reports may be one of the reasons for not being informed of deficiencies, because according to Dagens Næringsliv, there are serious mistakes in the housing sales reports.

– We are aware that the quality of the technical state reporting is not always good enough, says the Consumer Affairs Council, Torgeir Øines, to click. no.

He emphasizes that it is both the case that the quality of the reporting itself must be improved and improved by the professional knowledge of those who carry out the reports.

– The Consumer Council wishes a statutory system of state reports on home sales. It will increase usage and eventually increase the quality.

Inaccurate home sales reports

The information appears in a review the insurance company Protector has made.

They reviewed 700 residential sales reports and found errors at 560, or 80 percent, of them.

According to Merete Bernau, head of claims settlement in Protector Insurance, reports are not performed according to the instructions that Norway’s Taxation Federation has for its members.

– In general, we find that very few takers write a home sales report as it should be done, she says to clicks. no.

This is mainly about missing a self-notification form from the seller.

Moreover, risk structures such as drainage, land and foundations, land and space underground are not adequately described.

– And these are conditions that could cost a lot to improve.

Seller Responsibility

It is a home sales person who orders a tariff, and according to Øines, it is also the seller who is responsible for the report not containing errors.

– However, if there are clear negligence on the part of the taxpayer, this can be made responsible by the seller.

Øines therefore advises a homeowner to make clear demands when he or she orders a tariff or condition report.

– Seller also commits to contribute personal information and carefully review the report when available.

Today’s Business tells about an example where a nearly 25 year old bathroom was described as “of recent date”. The result was NOK 60 000 in compensation for the buyer.

– This seems like a bug information that the seller should have discovered and corrected, Øines believes

Difficult to uncover

According to Torgeir Øines, a poorly completed condition report is difficult to reveal to a buyer.

The problem is, among other things, that many reports are often taken into account.

His advice is that you do not add more to the report than what is said.

– A buyer should be critical of all sales documents. Be sure to read carefully through what has been investigated and ask questions.

Want to improve quality

Currently there is a NOU on the table at the Ministry of Justice. The goal is to increase the use of state reports, which by date are not mandatory for the purchase and sale of housing.

– We believe that closer cooperation between real estate agents and taxpayers will improve the quality of the reports, “says Bernau, referring to a collaboration they have started with Real Estate Agent1 Central Norway to put pressure on the valuer to make a satisfactory state assessment. The result has been a clear improvement over the quality of the reports.

– Be asked to hide missing

– We take the report, of course, seriously, and continuously work to improve the quality of reporting. Among other things, we go through the instructions to our taxpayers, says CEO of the Norwegian Tax Association, Arne Støbakk, to click. no.

– But we are experiencing this report as a massive campaign from alliance real estate agents and ownership companies. These are interested in the fact that the taxpayer is still dependent on the real estate agent who wants a tariff tailored for their sales strategy.

In this context, cuttings refer to a survey conducted by the NRK Consumer Inspectors. One of two valuers says that they are being asked by the brokers to conceal shortcomings for home buyers.

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