Does this cabin fit into the environment?

Esten Aas-Eng wanted a rough and modern wilderness cabin, built in a way that mirrored the surroundings. The result is a cabin that is so special that it has created debate in the community in Tolga.

Does this cabin fit into the environment?

Cabin Facts

Location : Øversjødalen, Tolga municipality in Hedmark.

Owner : Esten Aas-Eng

Architect : Civil Architect MNAL Odd Haslestad in the Architectural Office Eide and Haslestad AS

Year of Construction : 2007/2008

Cab Type : Architectural Character in Massive.

Building Master : Ole Ivar Hørven

Gross area : Approx. 70 sqm

Room sharing : Living room, dining room, open plan kitchen, two bedrooms, loft of approx. 22 sqm with 12 sqm of utility area. Bath and sauna.

Building Material : Solid wood from the German manufacturer Holz 100.

Exterior and inner trim : Malmfuru as the outermost layer. Gran inside.

Thank you : Compact massager with outer layer in malmfuru.

Fireplace : Contura 650, Kakkel and Fire Specialist, Heating Science in Drøbak.

Kitchen : Blue high gloss from Ikea.

Floor : Gray tiles in the main room. Pine on the bedroom and loft. White tiles in bathroom.

Facilities : Power, road to cabin wall, water from village waterworks.

With a dramatic shape, steep angles and light and air as main ingredients, Esten Aas-Eng, together with architect Odd Haslestad, has created a cabin he can identify with.

We are 900 meters above sea level, in Øversjødalen, a few miles from the more famous town of Røros and fantastic Femundsmarka.

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Created debate

He has chosen to build a cabin with a shape that fits the beautiful area. In addition, it was important that the cabin should be both environmentally friendly, practical, light and airy.

He contacted civilian architect MNAL Odd Haslestad. Together they have formed a unique cabin adapted to the area and the owner.

The architecture is so special that there were reactions from the surroundings.

– The cabin architecture represented something new up here. The cabins that are here have a traditional style. There had to be some reactions when it was built.

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The matter was previously taken up in the presidency of the municipality, and on the basis of this application and an equivalent in Vingelen, there was a debate about modern architecture in cottage construction in the municipality. The conclusion was that this was a future-oriented and exciting cabin that reflects the present. Esten received a building permit, and after that the building went on a hurry.

Environment-based Comfort

When the cabin was up, it was Estonia’s turn to find the tool. Together with the architect, he designed cheap, functional and easy-to-use solutions.

The cabin is on a level with a loft in the forward part. Here, Esten has made a small guest room with open glass wall to the wonderful mountain massif around. On the first floor he chose to lay the tiles on the floors.

– The planning and architecture are initially environmentally oriented. But it should also be functional. Since the main rooms are in flight with the terrain, and the large windows allow nature to prevail over the colors, it was also advisable to lay rough and durable tiles on the floors – like gray stones, says Esten . He has used local power for both pipes, electrical installations, basic work and the building itself.

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The cabin is very modern with heating cables in the main rooms, water closet, shower, washing machine, sauna and kitchen with all amenities including a dishwasher. Gray and black water is cleansed via a dredged sling in a so-called drip hose system.

– Even if you are building off the beaten track and keeping it environmentally friendly, it does not mean you have to cut comfort. The cabin is as simple and comfortable as it looks like. Modern lines, light and air, and not least an approximation to the surroundings, make it a good example of the moment we now live in, says Esten Aas-Eng.

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Does this cabin fit into the environment?

INSPIRED BY THE ENVIRONMENT: A massive mountain range encloses the modern cabin with the elements leaning against each other. Photo: Frode Larsen

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