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Does the dishwasher smell bad?

Removing food residue on the dishes is the most important thing to avoid bad odors.

Does the dishwasher smell bad?

The dishwasher is a self-contained good in the vast majority of homes. And while it usually leaves glasses and dishes shining clean and fragrant, it happens that even the best dishwashers become sour.

Many have probably found that even the freshly washed tableware smells bad. However, there are simple things you can do to prevent, and not least, get rid of the sour smell of the dishwasher.

– This is a well-known issue in the Christmas tree , says the general manager at Gourmet Chefs. no, Jan Ivar Nykvist.

He explains that the most important advice to avoid bad odors in the dishwasher is to make sure your machine is clean inside.

– Now, YES dishwasher detergent has come to the market, which, in addition to taking your dishes, also cleans the machine inside and the filter, he explains to

Nykvist emphasizes that a dirty dishwasher does not clean and smells bad.

Check the user manual

Katrin Ohlander is a PR / Marketing Manager in BSH Household Appliances. She explains to Bonytt. no that it is important to comply with the instructions given in the operating instructions.

– And since over time it will pass a lot of food left through the machine, it’s very important to keep clean filter to prevent malfunction of the machine. In addition, you should clean the spray arms, run cleaning programs and descaling programs.

Utilizes the dishwasher seamlessly

Does the dishwasher smell bad?

EVERYWHERE: If your dishwasher looks like this, it’s probably not so bad that it smells bad. Photo: Rørleggervakta AS

According to Plumber Trond Skistad at Rørleggervakta AS, dishwashers are used fairly “flawlessly”.

– When the dishes are loaded into the machine full of food residue, it is quickly made it closes.

– Remember to remove all food residue and rinse it all properly before placing it in the machine, so avoid it.

Skistad announces to Bonytt. No, it also seems that some people insert half-full glass of milk, which quickly causes an acid smell in the dishwasher.

To clean the spray arms

Dishwashers have two spray arms, one up and one down. These walk around as they flush the dishes through small holes. In these holes it is easy to attach various food residues, the spray arms go close and the dishes do not get clean.

Correct maintenance prevents bad odor

  • After washing, leave the door of the dishwasher a little slight. This causes the moisture to escape and does not smell in the machine.
  • Clean the filter, flush arm and gaskets regularly.
  • Do not use solvents and abrasives on the machine. Should you clean the inside, use only a cloth of water. Possibly with vinegar or special cleaning products for dishwashers.
  • Travel away: Leave the dishwasher empty, shut the water tap and leave the door open. This keeps the gaskets last longer and prevents bad odor in the machine.

Source: Euronics. no

Unscrew the spray arms and rinse them well in the tap. The loops then loosen from the inside of the spray arms.

Clear and clean the filters

Dishwashers have two filters at the bottom of the machine, a coarse and fine. The coarse filter that collects larger food residues to prevent them from draining the drain should be emptied regularly.

The fine filter should also be washed, which can be done with a laundry to get loose coating and leftovers from this. On some dishwashers, you can loosen this filter for the best possible cleaning, consult your operating instructions if your machine is running.

Clean the dishwasher

According to the eHow website, this is an effective way to clean malicious dishwashers.

1. Empty the dishwasher. Remove the bottom shelf and remove any leftovers or the like that may have a little stuck there.

2. Add ¼ cup liquid detergent and ¼ cup bleach into a liter of water. Use the solution and a small brush, or an old toothbrush, to scrub between the grooves, the rubber seal and other cracks.

3. Use a sponge and soapy water to wash the inside of the dishwasher. Make sure to clean the gasket.

4. Pour two cups of vinegar into the dishwasher and leave it for an hour. Then run a cycle with the warmest possible water. If it does not help; repeat the process.

Does the dishwasher smell bad?

Are you placing your cutlery up or down?

5. At regular intervals you can pour a quarter cup of lemon juice into the dishwasher, between the sinks. Run a short but full wash. This not only helps to remove bad smell from the dishwasher, but also helps to get rid of some metal build-up.

Does none of the tips work?

At the Gourmet Chefs, Nykvist advises you to check the drain, ie the hose that is connected to the machine.

– If this is half-way, it may also cause bad odors into the machine.

Director of Abracadabramat, Eivind Seiness, explains to Bonytt. no, that a bargain thread you can try is to add half a lemon to the dishes when washing.

On Thorn’s websites, it is regularly advised to check the dishwasher’s inventory with coarse filter salt and shine.

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