Does it keep washing the toilet once a month?

If you are single and childless, chances are you can answer yes.

Does it keep washing the toilet once a month?

Washing the toilet and bath may not be the funniest one, but it must be done anyway. Some take it as a matter of course that it will be done every week, while others do it far less often.

The group that is washing the bathroom rarely by us are those who are single and do not have children.

According to a survey done by YouGov for ISS, 21 percent of this group in Norway is washing the toilet once a month or less. By comparison, only 8 percent of cohabitants are just as infrequent.

Malin Skaar, leader of Lilleborg Consumer Service and PlussTid Expert, believe how often the bathroom should be washed depends on how many people use the toilet and how well to use a toilet brush after toilet visits. However, one proper wash should be taken during the week.

– When brushing on the toilet, if you dry the toilet seat with chlorine wipes, I think that a thorough cleaning will take place once a week, she says..

Lena Furuberg, cleaning expert and advisor at the Danish Technological Institute, also recommends having one wash per week as a rule, but also says that depending on how many people are in the family, the bathroom and the bathroom may have more than one week wash.

The more it is in the household, the more often the toilet and the bathroom are used. It may be that you have to clean the bathroom more often than once a week, maybe as often as three times – depending on how dirty it is, says Furuberg.

She does not necessarily mean three big cleanings, but takes what she sees and keeps it up to date.

– Such a cleaning will take about ten minutes. And then you take proper cleaning, of both yellow, walls, extinguish, and so on less often, “says Furuberg.

Does it keep washing the toilet once a month?

CLEAN A LITTLE UK: If you take a small lap of the washcloth once in a while, it does not work up to one big wash in the week. Photo: Thinkstock

Also, please wash this

And remember, there are places you’d rather forget to wash in connection with the laundry. It’s not always that what’s going on in the cabbage just gets there.

The laundry products you should have on the bathroom

1. An alkaline product to remove skin fat and the like.

2. an acidic product to remove lime, irr and rust. It is often called toilet cleaners in the groceries, Våtromsprayen is often a hybrid and should remove both in shower and wash.

– Should you bring a third product recommended it is like removing odor bacteria around the toilet, especially if you have small children in your house. In addition, a sponge is good at hand, and a pair of microcloths.

Source: Line Mercedes, Head of Quality and Training at CityMaid Home Service.

– Remember to wash the tiles on the wall and floor around the toilet. It’s true that both boys and children “bump a bit” and then you get urine on tile joints, “said Line Mercedes, leader of quality and training at CityMaid Home Service.

This is something that can create both odor and, of course, dirt, and odor is not removed by perfume – one must remove the cause of the smell.

– I recommend a product that eats urine bacteria. These can be applied after washing (on a clean surface) and will then eat the bacteria in grout and on tiles, says Mercedes.

There is also another thing one must remember to clean.

– It is important to remove lime and fat residues that are formed. This is especially concentrated at the bottom of the faucet and on the toilet, “says Furuberg.

As soon as the toilet gets dirty

When it’s a matter of how long it takes before the toilet is considered dirty and unhygienic, vary according to how many and many people use it.

– Scratch down in the bowl can be an indication that it is time for a sink. The longer time it goes, the more difficult it can be to get rid of stains and discoloration, says Skaar at Lilleborg.

– Cleaning is fresh – it is only clean until the first time it takes use. I say it is directly unhygienic when it is visible soiled, “says Furuberg.

Nevertheless, it takes a relatively long time before the health poses a health hazard. But, it’s important to remember to wash where you take a lot of your hands.

– This applies, for example, to the sink, the soap dispenser and the door handle. If you have had a lot of guests a weekend, it may be nice to go over the toilet area, sink, door handles and floors, says Mercedes.

Does it keep washing the toilet once a month?

LARGER REQUIREMENTS FOR CLEANER WASH: A tip from Line Mercedes in CityMaid Home Service is to frequent wash where you take a lot of your hands in the bathroom. “This applies, for example, to the sink, the soap dispenser and the door handle,” she says. Photo: Colorbox

Therefore, single is so late

One can ask why single people without children are as lazy with the laundry as they are. The fact that you do not worry is no excuse, after all, talk about your own hygiene – and others.

So often, Norwegians wash toilet and bath

Works once a week or more often:

Bad: Single 37% Par 65%

Do: Single 53% Par 75%

Wash once a month or less:

Bad: Single 30% Pair 14%

Do: Single 21% Par 8%

Note to the numbers:

Of cohabitants / married 18 percent said that there are no people who wash. These are therefore deducted from the calculation basis. The interpretation is therefore that it is being washed, not that both are washed.

Among the cohabitants / married there was little difference with with and without children. The figures above are therefore an average of the two groups.

Source: Step Ronander, Head of Cleaning for ISS

– It may be for the simple reason that the toilet is used less often, and therefore does not need to be so often washed, says Skaar.

Mercedes at CityMaid also believes that it is associated with less use.

– If you have a lot of time visiting or on work after work, the time spent on the toilet and bath will be significantly reduced. For example, if we look at the consumption of showers, a person who practices at a center or a club will often use shower facilities there. For example, if you train three times a week, and you shower seven times, you have only showered at home four times that week, Mercedes says, adding:

– If we assume that you are more at home if you have children or are cohabiting, firstly, with the same scenario, the use of the shower will be doubled at least. Perhaps you can also take care that you are bathing children and that you go home right away from practice once a week. With this scenario we have 10 showers and seven bathrooms in a week, versus the singles four, explains Mercedes.

Changes in Family Enhancement

Quite naturally, the number of cleansing of the toilet and bathroom increases slightly when you have children and family – both because the room is used more often and you are more concerned about keeping it clean with children in your house.

– When you get children, we see that the use of the bathrooms changes. Small children often bathe more and often use oil in the water. In addition, I think more people worry more about bacteria and dirt than they possibly did before they got children, “said Mercedes.

– The house becomes more dirty when you are more, gradually you will get used to cleaning as something gets soiled and thrives. It gives a better indoor environment and the well-being factor is getting better, “says Furuberg.

There is also a trend in which more people have gained knowledge about the washing of homes, as in methods and use of perfume, which may also be a reason for more washing of the bathroom.

We are constantly questioning the products we use, something we are happy with. We use soaps that are slightly perfumed, and very many products are ecolabelled, “says Mercedes in City Maid.


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