Dream house

Do you want such a fireplace?

At this time we would rather just sit in front of the fireplace and drink hot chocolate, but we do not care with any fireplace. We are going for the dream.

Finally, the fall is here and we can be in a good conscience. But when it comes to the choice of heat source and how it looks, it’s easy to get lost in the big selection.

Of course, it’s not just the aesthetic to be taken into account when choosing a new fireplace, but it’s important for the pleasure that you experience the fireplace and the surrounding area as nice to spend time there. Be inspired by these beautiful logos.

French feelings

In the picture below, a wooded fireplace has got a new frame of limestone from France (purchased from wildvenus. no) and become the room’s jewelery. Inside, the fireplace is coated with heat resistant tiles. The large fireplace (the frame measures 175 x 135 cm) has plenty of space tall cubes that burn for a long time, which is necessary with open fireplace in a large living room. Do you want such a fireplace? For example, you will find similar frames at country style.com, or you can order one from your local gingerbread maker.

Space center

Do you want such a fireplace?

Ten cool fireplaces

In this room, the fireplace will really dominate, with a giant warmed hood. A grate to add wood churns facilitates the burning of large cubes, which is necessary to take advantage of the heat when it’s so high under the ceiling. But it also helps the hood and the beeper to warm and emit heat to the room. Do you want such a fireplace? Inquire with local masons and fireplaces. Keep in mind that the pipe must be able to make good enough extracts. Notice the chic storage for the rear end.

Without pipe

Do you want such a fireplace?

French Style: Interior Designer Tone Kroken has chosen a large fireplace with beautiful ornaments. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Do you want such a fireplace?

RUVENDE: The home of Interior Designer Kirsten Visdal has given the fireplace a central location. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen-R

Who says that a fireplace must be used to burn by? If you have an old fireplace where the pipe is not able, fill it with big candles, an electric fireplace or a small gas or biopeis (NB: be careful). It’s also an idea if you want to buy a fireplace and paste on the wall without installing a pipe. Do you want a fireplace but do not have a pipe? It is a slight matter to install pipes in existing buildings, consult your local installer. Installation of a new pipe is required by the planning and construction company in your municipality. Also, remember to report to the fire department if you install a fireplace and / or pipe.

Fireplace in other rooms

A fireplace in the bathroom can be perceived as pure luxury. This fireplace is in an open solution to the bedroom, so that the fireplace is used diligently. Many have a fireplace in the kitchen, but also bedrooms and bathrooms are nice places to enjoy living flames. Do you want such a fireplace? With the new pipe pipes, it’s not really a big job to install more pipes in the house, just remember to apply first. Otherwise, you can wall-mount a fireplace and use electrical wiring, gas or biopeis (NB: be careful) or just fill it with candles, as opposed to.

Do you want such a fireplace?

WITHOUT PIPE: A joint of cube lights gives you live flames even without a pipe. Photo: Joachim Wichmann

Hot Bear Trend

Do you want such a fireplace?

How to light up in the fireplace

Whichever fireplace you dream about, it’s ok to know what characterizes the trend image. 1. White fireplaces are supertrendy. Most suppliers offer their top models in white, like F373 from Jøtul, kr 23,000. 2. Max view of the flames is a must, usually from several sides, or from the so-called wide screen, which is the latest trend: Studio 1 from Riva, $ 22,500. 3. Small wagers are also a growing trend, mostly because more and more people live in small homes. Too big fireplace is both expensive and can cause problems like smoking and excessive heat. The small i4 from Contura is a beautiful frame around the flames and fits everywhere, 39 x 55 cm, from NOK 12 500. 4. Environmental considerations are also out of fashion. Although the regulations ensure all fireplaces, Bionic Fire takes from Rais environmental concerns to new heights with zero measurable particle emissions. Double combustion chamber and fully automatic air control ensure better utilization of the wood, and that all particles burn up without compromising design. NOK 39,500.

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Do you want such a fireplace?

ON BATH: Camilla Berntsen, owner of the interior shop Milla Boutique, had a fireplace in the bathroom in his old house, for a luxury! Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Stoves – Pros and cons

Fireplaces in clay stone – pros and cons

Fireplaces in concrete – pros and cons

Do you want such a fireplace?

TRENDS: White fireplaces are among the peaks of the year Photo: Podusentene


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