Do you see where the stairway is hiding?

Smart solutions in old town apartment.

Do you see where the stairway is hiding?


Who? Architect Ajas Mellbye.

What? Two apartments at Bislett in Oslo that are merged into one living space of 180 square meters, spread over three floors. The apartments are from 1934.

Why? Gathering two old and fairly dilapidated apartments has yielded very exciting results.

You may be guessing: Please do not live here with an architect?

During the reconstruction of the apartments, Ajas Mellbye has left the history of the township three by revealing parts of the original construction. It is in the tension between the new and the rough and unpolished he thrives best.

– Surfaces may be slightly frayed at the edges. The patron takes me far more than the “finer,” explains Mellbye to the magazine Bonytt.

Original constructions

After making a lot of exciting grip with the apartment, the style of fun is lifted from the 30’s. For here, some of the original was preserved. During the rebuilding, Mellbye has abided by many of the same principles of previous projects he has contributed to, such as the renewal of the Ekeberg restaurant and the Østbanehallen in Oslo. Original constructions and materials have been lifted, and after reconstruction at Bislett the light floods from three sides.

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Do you see where the stairway is hiding?

SMART SOLUTIONS: Ajas Mellbyes Petter Smart solution on the stairs gives direct access to the roof terrace. The bust shows Ajas’ grandfather, historian P. A. Munch. The mirror is from Lisa Pacini, one of Ajas’ favorite artists. The worktop is in steel. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

History story

In the town hall there have been rental homes since 1934. The fact that the original qualities were cleansed away, he thought was a shame.

The fact that concrete is going to be so hard I do not agree. » Ajas Mellbye

– The concrete was what we could take care of history. If there were original doors, frames and cozy old kitchen furnishings, then we would have wanted to reuse these too.

He admits that the historious treatment of the town hall gave the freedom to do something completely new. There were no big obstacles here. The reinforced concrete can withstand beating, as opposed to a typical new building consisting of concrete elements. Cutting through the floors went smoothly.

– History is a great quality at a time when trends do not last longer than ten seconds. I could have plastered the whole coat and made it look brand new. But then we had lost something important.

The storytelling bonus is an exciting materiality. The concrete and the gray surfaces are defended with three-dimensional light deposits. The light softens up. The same does the water-borne heat.

– Concrete is a gratifying material to work with. I do not agree that it’s going to be so hard. I live a barefoot life up here, with the heat below your concrete is great to go on, says Mellbye.

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Do you see where the stairway is hiding?

EXTENDING ARCHITECTURE: The joining of the floors gives an exciting room with three-sided light deposits. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Exciting space and light drop

When we ask what he considers as a successful home, he answers in cash:

– A good room is a place where I settle down. Physical characteristics are daylight that emits from several pages. Up here I live with the seasons and weather – close. A bit like on a boat, only with better mooring. The floor differences provide exciting rooms and light instances. Besides, it gives a great exercise – stairs are undervalued as a trim!

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Do you see where the stairway is hiding?

ART VEGG: The picture “Underpants” is by Antoni Tàpies, and the biggest is by Rolf Hanson. The sofa is from Expo Nova and the chair is from Tannum Furniture. Notice which warm artificial wall provides the tight interior. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Danish design

The bathroom is furnished with a finely-used find. no, which houses washing. It is an exciting solution that helps to make the home special. There is also room for Danish design in the home.

I could have plastered the whole coat and made it look brand new. But then we had lost something important. Ajas Mellbye

– Have you ever been in an architectural theme without the sylv? ask middle and smile.

His padded editions are gathered around the table as the father, architect Pim Pam Mellbye, made – the man behind the Tryvann Tower, which was a major technical challenge. Pim Pam was also a contributor to Bonytt for many years. The architecture debate has Mellbye from childhood though.

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Do you see where the stairway is hiding?

In ARV: The table has been with Aja’s entire life. It was made by his father. The big carpet is from India. It dampens acoustics and colors the environment. The sewing chairs from Arne Jacobsen are padded. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Secret Stair

The staircase that can be pulled down from the roof terrace is a result of the Middle Call Reodor Felgen Roofs. The steel staircase is airy so that the light is sown down to the kitchen counter when the staircase is raised. Mellbye has the sense of furniture with double features. It is a safe sign when the stairs are fired for the first time. First, two steps are pulled out of the kitchen cabinet, then climb on the kitchen counter, he explains as he lowers the stairs until it rests on the steel worktop. Then the coast to the roof terrace is ready. But first of all – a coffee!

The kitchen is perhaps the biggest cookie for someone who cooks little food. On festive occasions, however, it is perfect. He gladly admits that he uses the kitchen counter most to exert the barista skills.

– I love good coffee in the morning. The coffee machine works well for long periods of time, but so for no reason it puts itself completely on the hind legs. Then I have to sweeten sweethearted words into the coffee filter to make it work. It behaves a bit like a woman, joking Mellbye.

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Do you see where the stairway is hiding?

AIR: Picture to the left: Ajas Melbye is a fluffy kitchen by dropping overcap. The floor is cast concrete on original concrete deck. Picture in the upper right: Room in the room. The bathroom is a delicate and discreet room in the bedroom. The picture at the bottom right: Compact solution. When the cabinet is opened, the sink will open. The closet is a bargain from Finn. No, which has been converted into a bathroom furniture. Photo: Per Erik Jæger


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