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Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

Flames in the fireplace and blue sky are ok, but let the high-rise masts stand.

Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

Should you make a good home sales, you are dependent on people coming to view. Tempting photos are one of the many tools you have got your hand when you are to entice people. Therefore, considerable resources are being created in creating images and presentations that make the item that is to be sold best possible.

But how much can you really embellish the truth? How much are you allowed to photoshoppe the pictures afterwards?

Today, it’s not uncommon for the photographer or image editor to change in the sky. The pictures may have been taken on a rough day of rainy weather, but in the housing ads, the sky is usually blue. Even in Western Norway. The heaven of heaven is cut from another image and glued into the gray weather image.

The flames in the fireplace can also be cut and glued from somewhere else.

Photographer Per Andrè Andresen in Housing and Property Photo specializes in images of homes for sale, and often manipulates the pictures afterwards.

– It’s often easier to put in flames afterwards than firing up in the fireplace during photo shooting. But I only do that in homes where the fireplace is approved, says Andresen to Klik Bolig.

Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

NO HIGHLIGHTS: The view from this terrace is free of high torch. Then you can expect that there are not high-pitchers here in reality. Photo: Find

– Unproblematic with Blue Sky

Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

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The real estate industry believes that this practice is acceptable.

– It’s no problem that you change gray with blue skies in a sales object. If you are to be a hundred percent realistic, the house must be photographed in many different weather conditions, and it is unnecessary, “says Finn Tveter, director of the Norwegian Real Estate Agency.

The industry has its own guidelines concerning the marketing of housing. The wording reads as follows: “The prospectus / sales assignment must provide a comprehensive realistic picture of the material selection / equipment that is included in the price”.

– But where is the limit of what is acceptable to change?

– If the image shows the item as it sometimes looks, then it’s ok. Therefore, for example, it is not acceptable to remove high-pitchers or trees, says Tveter.

Nevertheless, it seems that just the high-pitcher is retouched.

– In those cases, it is because you have been too keen in the imaging phase. Then the broker will go flat, as it is his responsibility to collect and control photo material. There is no one who is served by creating false expectations, and grieving people on display there is no one who wants. Moreover, such changes will be illegal.


Consumer Ombudsman oversees compliance with the Marketing Act. Deputy Director of Housing in Consumer Consumers Jo Gjedrem believes that the real estate industry’s practice makes sense.

Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

LA WIRES ARE: Master and wires should not be retracted if you are to comply with the Marketing Act. Photo: Find

– We do not have many complaints about this. What is being considered is whether the images give a misleading impression and there may be grounds for claiming compensation. So it can be risky business to go above this limit, says Senior Vice President, Consumer Representative Jo Gjedrem.

Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

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– Where is the boundary in practice?

– It’s ok to manipulate to make the pictures more inviting, but if you retouch so that they give an erroneous impression, then it’s problematic. Replacing gray sky with blue sky or inserting a fire in the fireplace does not go on the sales object so it’s okay.

– Do you understand that some may be disappointed when they come to viewing and experience that reality does not match what they had imagined?

– Yes, if there is an error, I understand that you will be disappointed. But now it’s the case that many in the market know that there is a particular aesthetic in the housing image, and most consumers think it’s fine.

Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

MANIPULATED MONTH: The view is correct, but you can not count on such a moon. Photo: Property & Property Photo

Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

REAL BY, REAL HIMMEL: This is how the original image looks, without moon. Photo: Property & Property Photo

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