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Do you own a cabin here, you are sitting on a gold mine

Norefjell is in the wind again.

Several of the major ski resorts have experienced fall in cottage prices, and the market seen below is in a flat price trend.

The number of units sold has also fallen by 19 per cent compared to the previous year, showing the annual analysis of the cab market in the mountain, which the Real Estate Agency’s Association (Eff) has been prepared by TNS Gallup.

It is therefore the buyer’s market in the mountains.

At the same time, statistics show a highly differentiated cabin market. In Trysil and Hemsedal, prices have fallen by 8.5 and 4.5 per cent, respectively, in one year.

However, in the municipality of Krødsherad, where Norefjell is situated, prices for holiday homes increased from 1. 699. 000 kroner to 2. 442. 000 kroner, a growth of 44 per cent.

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Real estate broker Morten Høegh in Nordvik & Partners has been selling cabins on Norefjell for over 15 years, explaining the strong growth, including the establishment of the Quality SPA & Resort hotel.

Do you own a cabin here, you are sitting on a gold mine

POPULAR AREA: At Norefjell, holiday home prices increased by 44 per cent last year. The establishment of Quality SPA & Resort is mentioned as a contributing factor to growth. Photo: Quality Spa and Resort Norefjell

– The hotel has served as a commercial poster for the area. There has been more blast around Norefjell simply, says Høegh.

Do you own a cabin here, you are sitting on a gold mine

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By the way, you should not ignore the fact that some of the guests have looked so much that they have invested in a cabin.

New establishments also follow a more vibrant environment and upgraded resorts.

– So, although the proximity to Oslo has always been Norefjell’s primary advantage, the area has been a bit of a stalemate for a few years, at least in relation to the major destinations, “he continues..

New cabins

At the same time, Høegh points out that it sells far fewer cabins and holiday homes on Norefjell, compared to places like Trysil and Geilo, so the results in the statistics are quite powerful.

Several new listings and large cabins also help push the price up.

At the moment, for example, Høegh has a lodge built in 2011 of 97 square meters out for sale.

High range

However, despite the upswing of Norefjell, it is the general flat price development on the mountain that shines through the brokerage industry’s annual mountain hut analysis.

Do you own a cabin here, you are sitting on a gold mine

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And the explanation for the overall decline is the sum of the total supply of cottages and holiday homes, according to the brokerage industry.

Number of published huts on Finn. no also confirms the high supply. In 2011, 5744 holiday homes were published on FINN, against 5276 ads in 2010.

This is an increase of 9 percent, and the highest number of cottage ads ever published.

Trysil greatest

The well-known winter sports resorts dominate both the sales statistics and the price barometer. In 2011, 103 holiday homes were sold in Trysil, the highest number in a single municipality.

The highest average price per holiday home is in Hemsedal with 2. 647. 000 kroner. Then follow Øyer municipality where Hafjell is located. The country’s most expensive cottage in 2011 was sold in Trysil for 8. 600. 000 kroner.

Do you own a cabin here, you are sitting on a gold mine

Here is the country’s most expensive cabins

Mountain cabin with the highest price proposition on Finn. At the moment, no, at Skarsnuten in Hemsedal, with price suggestion 19. 500. 000 kroner.

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