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Do you know which of these are not in the fridge?

Do you know where the food is supposed to stand?

Do you know which of these are not in the fridge?

Food work is incredibly annoying and unnecessary. Many of us buy a lot more food than we get eaten, but did you know that we often keep it completely wrong?

Fruits, for example, are usually not added here. Because they are often picked before they are mature they must be kept at room temperature to mature. But some vegetables, which are not going through this process, will lose their taste and become faster when stored in a refrigerator.

The same applies to foods like meat, fish and toppings: if you treat it properly, it will last longer.

In fact, no need to be put into the fridge at all.

According to matvett.no, an organization that works to reduce food welfare in society, we throw Norwegians 46.3 kilos each year. However, if you manage to reduce your food gain by 25 percent, you will be able to save several thousand dollars a year.

And remember: there are incredibly good things you can make from leftovers.

Check how much you can about how the food should be placed in the fridge at the top!

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