Do you get scratched here, you struggle

Nevertheless, it is recommended for families with small children. This way you take care of furniture and kitchen in high gloss.

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

The simple bright style appeals to many of us northerners, whether it’s color or wall colors. It may not be that many people have fallen in love with furniture and interior and perhaps special kitchen furnishings – with surfaces in white high gloss.

Retailers boast of the material, which is not only glossy and beautiful but also easy to clean, durable and superior in rooms that need more light and air, as the shiny surface will reflect what’s on light.

But many are worried that finger marks, dust and dirt should look good on the shiny surfaces. And what do you really do to keep high gloss surfaces fine and shiny? How much use do these tolerate? And can you really remove scratches that have first occurred? Here are the experts’ answers:

Daily Cleaning

If you are the type that annoys finger marks and grease stains, you may want to be aware that these are quite visible on shiny surfaces such as a high-gloss kitchen fitting.

– The best thing is to wipe and clean both kitchen fronts and other furniture of this type daily, explains Torben Bregendahl at Nobia Denmark, which produces kitchen fronts for HTH and Invita, for example, to Klik Bolig.

– For daily cleaning, we recommend using a microfiber cloth that has been twisted in clean, lukewarm water.

Bregendahl recommends drying over after washing with a dry clean cloth in cotton, or a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

200 times smoother than do your

– High-lacquered lacquer fronts can also be cleaned and maintained with the manufacturer’s own maintenance products, “explains the expert..

– In this case, it will be explained on the box how to use the product.

Mild soap takes grease stain

Products containing abrasives should not be used on high gloss materials as this can create scratches in the painted surface. But if you get stains like no water and cloth breaks, try to use a mild soap, such as a dishwasher.

– A mild soap mixed with water is ideal for cleaning furniture and kitchen fronts in high gloss, confirms Siv Elizabeth Egger at Ikea to Click Property.

– Zalo is perfect, but make sure the cloth you use is soft enough and does not shred on the surface. Avoid scratch and not least steel wool, this will undoubtedly scratch and damage your furniture.

Stine Johansen at Living agrees:

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

MICROPHIBLE: A soft cloth in microfiber is best suited for cleaning surfaces in high gloss. If you have spots that do not drain water, try a little mild soap. Photo: Trine Jensen

– Both painted and painted surfaces are cleaned both best and most efficiently with a light damp cloth, Johnsen explains to Click Housing.

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

Natron and water saved the oven door

– Pure water is usually always enough and I would recommend avoiding all the use of chemicals on these materials.

Johnsen explains that surfaces in high gloss can be nicely applied to a surface wax to make extra resistant to both stains and stripes.

– Here we recommend Opaline wax, preferably in spray form.

Great for busy families with small children

On several forums on Click, discussions are discussed carefully about the pros and cons of kitchen with high gloss fronts. Because where someone is worried about scratches and marks, there are many who defend the material and think it’s both more resistant to scratches and easier to keep clean than matte surfaces.

A user is wondering the following:

“- I have to choose if I’m going to have a plain white kitchen or if I’m going for high gloss. I think high gloss is very nice but wondering if it’s terribly hard to keep clean. “

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

TÅLER LEK: This coffee table from Ikea has had to withstand a lot of play, climbing and spills, but has not yet received a single scratch. Photo: Trine Jensen

Another user is equally skeptical:

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

The pot was never clean

“- My experience is that high gloss easily gets finger marks, and small scratches. It looks cheap after a little while. I would have gone for classical white. “

But the Petetatismos submerge disapproves of this;

“High gloss is much easier to keep clean, wash, do not get as easily scratched (we have children). Finger marks are no problem and it does not look cheaper than someone said. “

Tine Krægpøth at Kvik in Denmark agrees that high gloss has many advantages, and it’s not easy to keep it pretty:

– High gloss foil kitchen is definitely a good choice, explains Krægpøth to Click Housing..

– Firstly, our folkloric kitchen fronts are made on a mdf plate, which is very strong. And secondly, the foil is used through color, which means it does not lose color when used to wear.

Creepy poke further explains that all foil borders have the exact same color and texture, and that surface variations do not occur.

– In addition, the foil is very moisture repellent and is also UV resistant, which means it will not fade or lose color in direct sunlight.

The kitchen expert believes that surfaces in high gloss foil are highly resistant to scratches.

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

SPRAY ON: A mild cleaning spray works well on high gloss. But avoid any cleaning products with abrasives. Photo: Trine Jensen

– I want to say that more and more people see scratches and marks of wear on other materials more often, explains Krægpøth.

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

Clean home for just 3 kroner

– And to a greater extent on matte surfaces than on white.

Krægpøth says that a typical high-language student at Kvik is families with children and animals.

– This material is both durable and easy to clean, making everyday life easier for families with children.

Vulnerable for microscopic scratches

– All painted surfaces are vulnerable to blemishes and injuries, explains Bregendahl.

– These are easier on dark and black colors, but on white, where a scratch can be more difficult to spot.

If the damage occurred first, it is important to contact the manufacturer and to ask what to do – and if anything can be done – before starting.

– If it has been smudged in an area, it may, for example, need water into the MDF, explains Bregendahl.

– Here’s how to get help trying to fix this.

But to repair high gloss is difficult, the expert believes.

– It is rare that the result will be perfect, explains Bregendahl.

Do you get scratched here, you struggle

Tab to wash parquet

Both Egger and Krægpøth agree:

– Have you first got a proper scratch on a high gloss surface, unfortunately, there is little to do with this, explains Egger at Ikea.

– Wipe the surface in high gloss often to avoid scratches, Krægpøth prevails.

– For scratches, these are almost impossible to fix.

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Do you get scratched here, you struggle

SLITESTERK: At Kvik, you do not hesitate to say that the kitchen in high gloss is perfect even for families with young children. Photo: Producer


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