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Do this before you go on vacation

You are advised to close the cranes before traveling on holiday.

Do this before you go on vacation

July is the holiday month rather than some, and most leave the home to itself for both two and three weeks. Many may think about securing thefts, but equally important is the focus on damage that may arise from electricity and water, partly because the damage could be far more extensive than when you are present.

– The water damage that occurs during the holiday is often extensive and therefore expensive since water gets flooded beyond days before the damage is detected, says the research director at the Water Damage Office at SINTEF Building Research, Lars-Erik Fiskum, to click. no.

And a freezer box that has been left without power over several weeks will never be a pretty sight when you get home. After a day, the temperature will be crawled over the zero line and from there and until you get home it’s just how bad the food is.

Unplug the plugins

There are generally only simple steps necessary to holiday safe your home from water and electricity damage.

Website bolius. dk has six tips for what to do before traveling on vacation.

“Unplug the plug”, the first advice they provide. Something also chief engineer Jostein Ween Dig in the Directorate for Social Security and Emergency Preparedness is unique in.

Do this before you go on vacation

Put your jewelry in the freezer

– The only thing that guarantees to avoid damage due to lightning surpluses is to pull out the contacts, he emphasizes click. no.

– Of course, it’s not smart to do it on the fridge and freezer, so for this part it would be advisable to have a surge protector installed in the fuse cabinet.

Also, power lines and power cables

But it does not just take out the power outlets when traveling on holiday, electrical impulses have different ways than just power cables.

Do this before you go on vacation

Do you think this is dangerous?

– Overvoltage at, for example, lightning strikes also finds the way through telecommunications cables, including the antenna line of the TV, emphasizes Grav.

One of the other advice from Bolius. dk is therefore to extract antenna cables and cables for modem and other receivers. And to those who still have landlines, the council is also pulling out the wires for this.

The basic rule is that anything that is connected to a cord that goes out of the house can also lead to a surge in the house and we have examples of lightning a few meters from a house that has entered the house and spread further through cable network and broken TVs and decoders throughout the residential area, says Grav.

Head stopcock

Water is perhaps one of the most devastating for a home, if it is allowed to run uncontrollably for a long time.

And it is usually allowed for holidays.

Do this before you go on vacation

Here’s a really good job

It’s better to take your precautions before traveling on vacation.

– The water damage that occurs during the holiday is often extensive and thus expensive since the water gets flooded beyond days before the damage is detected. However, if you close the stopwatch before traveling, you can be reasonably safe, says Lars-Erik Fiskum, who also draws another way to secure a holiday home residence by installing a leakage stop.

– A leakage stopper can be mounted to or around waterborne installations to alert and stop unwanted water flow, he points out..

– Clear the breaks before your holiday

The shutters in the house represent no immediate risk of a holiday home residence, but may become there after returning. The reason is, first of all, that extinguish that is not cleaned regularly, gradually fill with hair. dirt and grease. And when this occurs during periods without water supply, chances are that this material will stiffen and seal the outlet of the outlet.

– If you have not cleaned the shower in advance, the first shower after the holiday may result in reduced drainage and water beyond the bathroom floor. This increases the risk of moisture intrusion in the floor structure, which can be expensive soon, warns Fiskum.

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Do this before you go on vacation

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