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Do not use poison against these

And with mouse poison the mice can lie and rot in the walls.

Do not use poison against these

Winter is the time when mice search into homes to look for heat and food. Small feet tucking in the walls or liquorice-like insignia on the floor can indicate that you have uninvited guests and you probably will not have. And you’re thinking, how do I get rid of the mice?

Many people choose the mouse gift option, but it’s not the first choice for the pest fight.

– We recommend using mechanical traps, both from an environmental perspective and from a functional point of view, explains Stein Norstein at the pest company Anticimex.

“We do not recommend using poison for mice in and around homes. In the vast majority of cases, the problem with house mice can be solved by means of prevention with sanitation and fuse, as well as the use of traps, “the Norwegian Institute of Public Health writes on its pages.

Not environmentally friendly

Muse and rat poisons contain hazardous substances that are not only harmful to the rodents. In a survey conducted by the Norwegian Environmental Directorate, high concentrations of rat poison in birds of prey were found. “The results showed that the liver of every third king eagle and hubro contained so high levels of rat poisoning that it could have harmful effects”, they write on their pages.

– We generally talk about primary and secondary poisoning, explains Project Director in the Environment Directorate, Christian Dons, to clicks. no.

– Primary poisoning is when animals and children eat the poison, while secondary poisoning we have when the poison disappears into nature with poisoned rats and mice and we find it again in birds of prey.

Because of the poison danger, the use of the most dangerous rat and mouse poison will therefore be tightened, and within two years, musegift will only be available to private individuals through ready-made stops.

– And it will also be that homeowners can only hunt for mice, while rats, which are far more difficult to remove, will be reserved for professionals to hunt, expands Dons.

Can create odors in the walls

Do not use poison against these

You did not know this about steel wool

In addition to the fact that muscular poisoning may be harmful to others who come into contact with it, the poison could lead to other environmental consequences.

“The problem is the risk of poisoning of other animals, birds and humans, as well as the fact that dead animals often lie under floor and inside walls and cause major odor problems, the Public Health Institute expands on its websites.

– We would advise to avoid mouse poisoning because the animals do not die immediately but can pull into walls and stay there and rot, says the head of the head of Mycoteam, Johan Mattsson, to click. no.

Norstein at Anticimex finds that the odor problem is greater if rats are left to rot in the walls.

– Mice are so small that they usually want to dry in without giving off odor, while rats can cause annoying odors.

Attracts flask clanners

According to Mycoteam, one of the consequences of poisoning may be that dead mice attract cervical insects, such as flask climbers.

“The advantage of this is that these bills eat the mouse and the smell gets faster soon. The downside is that you can experience an increased incidence of indoor bills afterwards, “they write on their websites.

Safety and Food

The mice seek mainly for two reasons, safety and food.

Do not use poison against these

MUSEFELLE: This is the most effective against mice, but requires daily supervision. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: ThinkStock

Because it’s bad with snow, they pull in to find shelter against those who chase on them, explains Johan Mattsson.

– But mostly they are looking for food.

Mattsson says that the best fight of mice is to prevent them from entering.

– However, it can sometimes be difficult, but generally there are not so many mice that pull in.

Mechanical Traps

The use of mechanical traps has several advantages over poison, but also a few disadvantages.

“It is most appropriate to actively use patch traps. The advantage of such traps is that they are cheap, effective and that there are no dead individuals hidden inside the constructions. The downside of these is that you still have to check and hopefully clear the traps. It is therefore only suitable for patches in buildings where one is present almost daily, “writes Mycoteam on its web pages.

– And if the patches are used properly, it also gives a good control of the mice, Mattsson expands..

There are also traps that expose the rodent to electric shock that kill the animals momentarily, but such traps are far more expensive, Stein Norstein expands..

Check the house

If you have to stretch weapons against mice and rats, probably the pest control advises.

– We can conduct a single search for individuals and set traps to remove them, “says Norstein.

Do not use poison against these

– You can have rats in the house without knowing it

– It costs between 1500 and 2000 kroner.

Norstein, however, recommends that you perform a full review of the housing to reveal where the mice may come in.

– And you can have mice in your home for a long time without notice.

Signs of having mice or rats in the home are tassing inside walls and ceilings, mice or rodent marks.

A mouse does not need more than 0.5 cm to get into a dwelling, among other things between the foundation and outer wall, they can get in.

Insured against rodents

A review of the accommodation to find any critical points may cost several thousand flaps.

– But there are many housing insurances that cover damage caused by rodents, emphasizes Norstein.

Therefore, you should check the insurance to see if you have such coverage.

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Do not use poison against these

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