Do not miss these hotels

Italy, Portugal or South Africa? Here are some accommodations with architecture that stand out.

Do not miss these hotels

There are many hotels in Norway with exciting design and architecture.

In the mountains you can find more beautiful design beads.

But if you want a variety of climate, nature and surroundings and an experience a bit out of the ordinary, it might be worth taking the trip to one of these unique accommodations.

Industrial, rough and rustic

Simple graphical details, continuous use of concrete and a sober color scale in gray, white and black characterize the Casa do Conto Boutique Hotel in Porto, Portugal.

The six different rooms are all decorated with texts written by various authors who have a relationship with Porto and the architecture of the city- Filipa Leal, Alvaro Domingues, Jorge Figueira, André Tavares, Nuno Grande and Pedro Bandeira.

The architect, Pedra Líquida, and the graphic designers from R2 Design have created a unique hotel that has won more awards. Each room has its own personality and character, which has led to the two design prizes: 2011 SEGD Design and the Golden Award of the European Design Awards in the category “Signs & Displays”.

The boutique hotel offers an innovative hotel concept, “art & stay”. It involves a combination of relaxation and cultural experiences, events with different artists, designers, curators, groups and institutions.

Do not miss these hotels

DEKOR: Each room is decorated differently, and all rooms are decorated with text from various authors who have a relationship with the city of Porto. Photo: Producer

Do not miss these hotels

VINTAGE: The rooms are furnished with vintage furniture that provide an exciting contrast to the tight and industrial architecture of concrete. Photo: Producer

Do not miss these hotels

MINIMALIST: Concrete walls and clean lines provide a simple and rough expression. Photo: Producer

Do not miss these hotels

ROM: The quiet rooms have both kitchen and bathroom Photo: Producer

Do not miss these hotels

TYPOGRAPHY: Old graphic texts decorate the different rooms of Casa Do Conto Photo: Producer

Lodge in Tyrol

Do not miss these hotels

Norway’s most exciting mountain hotel?

The interior of the charming cottage of San Lorenzo islet Tyrol in Italy reminds of a traditional Norwegian mountain hut. But it has a quite different story.

San Lorenzo was the 16th century hunting lodge for the bishop of Brixen. Brixen is one of the largest cities near the cottage.

– The bishop was an important man in the Tyrol region at that time, and the cabin was built so that he could go there hunting. The bishop went there when he was hunting for deer, telling Stefano and Giorgia, who runs and owns San Lorenzo.

As a result of the long search for the perfect property, the couple discovered the charming place, which they now rent out.

– Each guest has special needs and we try to customize your stay according to your wishes. This is a place for total relaxation, it is written on the pages of the rental company Welcome Beyond.

Berlin City Break

Do not miss these hotels

ATTENTION: The cabin in Tyrol has a wonderful view of the Italian mountain world. Photo: Welcome Beyond

Do not miss these hotels

RUST: The rustic interior reminds you of a Norwegian cottage. Photo: Welcome Beyond

Do not miss these hotels

HYTEEKOS: The old timber walls and the warm interior give a cozy cabin feel. Photo: Welcome Beyond

Do not miss these hotels

KOSEKROK: The hotel has more cozy living areas for relaxation and food Photo: Welcome Beyond

Michelberger hotels in Berlin are perfect for those who need to stay on a budget, but still want a little extra. The hotel is intimate and personal with a relaxed atmosphere. The rooms are comfortable, bright and playful with a trendy look.

The conference rooms are designed as old classrooms with vintage furniture.

Even they say that the hotel is made by friends, and for friends who can come and feel at home.

Charming Italy

Casa Talia is a guesthouse in Sicily, Italy. The real couple who run the guesthouse fell on a holiday and just bought the place.

Do not miss these hotels

RESPONSE: The hotel’s reception staff has a lounge and bar and cafe. Photo:

Do not miss these hotels

ROM: The personal hotel offers different rooms for different preferences. This is one with more beds if you are a group together. Photo: Producer

Do not miss these hotels

LEKENT: The rooms at the Michelberger hotel are playful and simple with small paintings. Photo: Producer

Do not miss these hotels

CHALET: This room calls the owners “The Chalet”. The room has a large bed and bath. Photo: Producer

– Each room used to be a home. We completely renovated the site so that there was a continuous property tied together through the garden, explains Marco, the owner of the hotel. We kept and restored the facade, while the interior was renewed.

While refurbishing, they used only natural and local materials. Both are educated architects and have both restored and built their own furniture to the guesthouse.

– We wish our guests take the time to relax and enjoy the views when they are here. We have a great view, it’s like a painting. You can see the old cathedral and the oldest part of town with all the old Baroque buildings. It’s incredibly delicious to sit under an olive tree and enjoy a glass of wine and a good book, writes Welcome Beyond.

Old building, new interior

Casa Olivi is a 19th century farm in Treia in the heart of Marches. The beautiful Italian region has a hilly landscape, sea views and olive groves.

The renovation of the farm took four years. The façade has been well preserved since the building is conserved, while the interior has been completely renovated into a luxurious and comfortable resort with a minimalist and modern style.

Do not miss these hotels

RESTAURED: The owners have focused on retaining some of the old furniture that they have restored. Some of the furniture they have made since the couple is an educated architect both. Photo: Welcome Beyond

Do not miss these hotels

UNIKE: Every room at Casa Talia is inspired by a Mediterranean country and none of the rooms are the same. Photo: Welcome Beyond

Do not miss these hotels

GROTTE: The old facade is preserved while some new furniture has been fitted. Photo: Welcome Beyond

Do not miss these hotels

VIEW: Casa Talia has a beautiful garden overlooking the old and beautiful architecture of the city. Photo: Welcome Beyond

The villa is decorated with modern furniture from Vitra, Cassina, Gandia Blasco and Philippe Stark.

Do not miss these hotels

100 years old house became black painted residence

The villa has five bedrooms and can accommodate eleven people. Four of the rooms are in the main house while one is in a separate guesthouse.

Old vineyard in South Africa

The Babylonstoren Hotel is an old “Cape Dutch” farm from 1690, located idyllically in Cape Winelands, South Africa. The hotel is surrounded by dramatic rock formations, vineyards and orchards.

The hotel owner Karen Roos and her team have created a completely unique concept, namely a farm that also offers accommodation. The Babylon Tower originates from the small hill of the farm, which was named by early Dutch settlers in honor of the Babylonian Hanging Gardens in 1692.

Here, guests can enjoy the pleasure of picking their own fruits and vegetables. The farm itself, one of the oldest wine district, has been restored with a view to retaining the historical feeling, combined with modern touches. Simple and modern furniture with many special features makes each room a unique place.

Do not miss these hotels

IDYLLIC: The villa has more pleasant outdoor areas overlooking the lush landscape. Photo: Casa Olivi

Do not miss these hotels

STILRENT: White-style furniture and light walls give the interior a clean and delicate expression. Photo: Casa Olivi

Do not miss these hotels

MODERN INTERIOR: The modern interior is tough in contrast to the old facade. Photo: Casa Olivi

Do not miss these hotels

AIR: The airy bedrooms have a rustic and open expression. Photo: Casa Olivi

The hotel offers five-star cabins / suites, an innovative restaurant and spa.

Do not miss these hotels

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Karen Roos wants guests to relax and enjoy the comfortable and daily rhythm of the farm.

– We hope our guests will enjoy the mountains and the beautiful countryside around the farm. They can pick their own biological fruits and vegetables, take a swim, enjoy an hour in the spa, eat a simple dish at the restaurant or enjoy good wine, says the hotel owner.

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Do not miss these hotels

Photo: Babylon Tower

Do not miss these hotels

LIST: The interior of the old vineyard is bright and delicate with white as a continuous color. Photo: Babylon Tower

Do not miss these hotels

RESTAURANT: The restaurant of Babel has once been a fjøs. The food on the menu consists of fresh produce from the farm and the surrounding area. Photo: Babylon Tower

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