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– Do not let anyone enter the view

Here are the tips for a good home sales.

It is mainly two periods a year that are especially suitable for home sales, namely January and August. But steer clear of these switches, no matter when you sell:

1. Do not be free

It can be hard work to make a home ready for sale. However, buying and selling homes is much possible among the biggest financial transactions you make during your life. Therefore, put yourself in the harness, make your home as welcoming and appealing as you can, take nice pictures for the housing ad and sell it wholeheartedly.

– The goal should be to sell shortly after the views are completed. Property is fresh. If the property stays long for Finn, it often turns out that the interest in the dollar is low. Then people start to wonder what’s wrong with it since it’s not already sold, at least in today’s market, “says Kurt Thingstad, Area Manager of Real Estate Agent1 at Torshov.

– Also, the experience of broker and any stylist usually happens during the daytime. If you are told to clear away steel lamps, be sure that there is other lighting in the home. Views often take place in the evening. I have experienced displaying where the only light source in the home was the ceiling lamp on the toilet, “says Mikkel Stølen, professional property broker in Krogsveen on Årvoll.

2. Do not make adverts from the sales ad

It’s nice and great to be creative, but if you’re in the ad you can risk retrospective litigation. Be honest when you sell.

– Make it simple and be realistic. Nobody is saved by buying an apartment, to put it on top. Take care of everything you want in the ad. “Total Refurbished” is, for example, a word that many want to include in the prospect. But that means that absolutely everything in the apartment should be refurbished, and it is rare that it is correct, says Thingstad to Bonytt. no.

3. Do not lie about the price

Think about it before you set the price. It should not be lower than what you are actually willing to accept. Low cost makes the seller seem nauseous and may be deterrent to buyer. .

– The price is not allowed, it’s easy. Mostly speaking, it is good to set a price estimate equal to the price, unless the rate is artificially high or low. A good real estate agent will quickly see if so, says Thingstad.

4. Do not drop anyone on display

Are you so unlucky that you get crazy people on display, do not be afraid to throw them on the door. Let your home be remembered for positive reasons, because it was transparent and clean. You do not want potential buyers to let it go to the forefront because of embarrassing experiences on display.

– This is usually not a problem. But I have had couples on the show who have gone to bed and started choking. And a lady who absolutely had to use the toilet. She was a regular. The kinky thing was that she took care of everything from the waist and down and insisted to bowl with the toilet door open. It takes attention away from an otherwise beautiful home, says Thingstad.

And the toilet also applies to the seller. Clogging with a malicious cable right before the display starts can of course lead potential buyers to turn in the door.

– This is not a hocus pocus. Use common sense, says Thingstad.

– Yes, it’s allowed to use your head. If your neighbor is renovating, it is allowed to ask them to turn off the concrete drill while viewing. It’s about optimizing the shortest time you have available when showing your home for sale, says Stølen to Bonytt.

5. Do not “forget again” Pus and Fido

Everyone knows that it’s wise to clear before viewing, but it’s astonishing many who do not. Dirty bedding, toothpaste spots, dog hair in the bath and a cat that rubs up after allergies, does not exactly raise the first impression. And that’s the first impression you’re selling on display.

– Everything that does not have a natural space in the apartment should be cleared. Only the most necessary should be ahead. And the pets should definitely not be home during the show, no matter how cute they are in the owner’s eyes. I’ve held a show where a giant dog with tattered paws walked around and porked to the parquet during the worst rainy season. It was of course unpopular, says Thingstad.

6. Do not tidy the box

However, if the housing is to be airy and at least not overgrown, it is unnecessary to waste a lot of time making a neat system in the storage room.

– Everyone knows that you are clearing things when viewing, but priority where you clear. Somewhere, things must be saved, and no one expects stalls to be empty. But you have to be able to open the door without everything raging so that you can see the size of the floor, “says Thingstad.

How to style your home before selling.

7. Do not let your feelings take care

Have you rented a real estate agent, it’s just okay to stay away when it’s viewing.

– There is a lot of emotion in swing around selling their home. Critical comments are often taken badly. The seller is not going to argue with the buyer, so it’s better to stay away from the view and let brokers run the run in peace, says Thingstad.

8. Do not be stingy

Cost yourself the extra line of the housing ad if you need it and trick someone to fix the lists if you do not have the time or hand to do it yourself.

– You must spend money to earn money. Finish the little things you were going to fix long ago. But remember that it’s not your own taste you sell. If the broker advises you to paint the radiators, it’s no good idea to paint them lime green. Neutral interior usually sells best, says Thingstad.

On the other hand, it is rare to pamper a bath.

– The taste is like the beacon. Do not blow $ 250,000 into making your dream bath, complete with gray tiles. Perhaps the seller will tear it off and make a new one with white tiles, and then that investment will be lost. We also used to say that the kitchen should stand as they are, but now it has become so cheap to brush up the kitchen that it may make sense to flick a little there, says Stølen.

And if you sell a rental property, you should consider what kind of relationship you have with the person or the renter.

– We’ve found that tenants living in a portion of the property to be sold and who have no interest in selling you do what they can to make it worthwhile on display. If you have a bad relationship with tenants, you should consider whether to terminate your rental so that they are out before you stay. What you lose in rental income will in most cases be a small amount of money compared to what you lose on having someone who is walking around and sabotaging the view for you, says Stølen to Bonytt.

9. Do not have view in exit helicopter

Avoid placing the view on Easter holidays, Christian Ascension or Pentecost.

– It’s a good thing to do in Oslo. But it’s asking for what to sell and where it is. A cabin in the mountains quickly gets more people on display if the view is for example during the winter holiday, says Thingstad .

Expects good growth in the cabin market

10. Do not save on your marketing

Marketing your home is alfa omega to get people on display. To make sure that only your own private photos posted on Facebook will entice many buyers, are optimistic.

– Please use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a supplement to the sales process. But the fewest are on Facebook to buy housing. It usually pays to advertise on Finn and in local newspapers, says Thingstad.

For some, there is also money to save on selling the home itself.

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