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Do as craftsmen when on display

Here are the tips for viewing that you should save, copy and laminate.

Do as craftsmen when on display

When buying a home there are several important things to check. Hidden deficiencies and errors are not easy to detect for unskilled.

Figures from the insurance industry this year show that water damage to Norwegian cabins and houses has increased significantly.

Of course, you should ask the broker about viewing, but there’s also a lot to look for yourself:

Do as craftsmen when on display

PURCHASES ONLY: You may want to take a good time viewing so you do not encounter unpleasant surprises. Here a collision between plumber and electrician. According to If Damage Insurance, this should not have been done by an amateur. The picture speaks for itself. Photo: If Damage Insurance

The first thing you should do is check if there is sufficient drop in the bathroom so that all the water is left where it is going, “says communications manager Tirill Ilebekk Hansen at the Norwegian Association of Plumbing Companies (NRL) / p>

– Turn on the shower and let the water run for a while. Should the bathroom be used as a laundry room, there should be auxiliary sluice for water spills outside the shower zone. At the same time, see if the transition between the diaphragm and the extinguisher is tight, she continues.

Read the tariff papers

The tariff papers are of course important and should be studied thoroughly, especially the self-registration form. Wet work should be done by skilled workers, says Ilebekk Hansen.

– See if there is any documentation on this. Craftsmen are concerned about the work done by skilled workers. VĂ¥trom which is built correctly and is well maintained has an expected life of about 25 years. If the bathroom is built before, you should be prepared to cook in a few years.

Odor Problems

Smelling the raw basement is the risk of moisture damage.

Look for signs of moisture around the exhaust or in the ceiling above the shower. Also look for shields for water spills, dark spots and black dots. Remember that red marks in the shower zone are a sign of early fungal attacks.

For plumbers it is important to check if the bathroom is adequately ventilated. There must be exhaust air, fan or air gap under the door.

Tap the tiles

Shields, black dots or dark spots beneath the bath are a bad sign, and the vessel is mowed if there is an inspection hatch.

You can also ask the owners if they have previously showered the tiles. If the owners have done so, water damage risk is higher if membrane work is inadequately performed. Tap the tiles to hear if there are cavities in the floor or walls.

Wall-mounted toilets

Wall-mounted toilets have become very popular in Norwegian homes, but they can give you big problems if they are set up incorrectly. Then any leaks will lie in the wall. However, if the cistern is mounted outside the membrane, like a so called wart, you are safer since any leaks can not spread to the walls, “says Hansen.

See more tips on skikkeligrorlegg.no The website is a collaboration between the Norwegian Association of Pipelists, the VA and Plumbing Producers and the Norwegian Plumbing Companies Association.

Heat loss important

For mind-minded Otto Robsahm, known from TVNorge, the heat loss in the home is the most important.

– I always use thermography equipment. It gives a good picture of where the heat loss in the home is, and you get a good overview of where improvements need to be made. If the house is poorly insulated, you can get a high power bill as you know.

Robsahm also focuses on the wet zones, but is not as busy as the plumbers.

– No, I check primarily under the kitchen counter and in the laundry room. In addition, I check a little extra in the hallway where you put off shoes and boots. If you see bubbles or delamination (loose pieces) in these places it may indicate previous water damage, he explains.


And of course, he checks the insulation of windows and exterior doors, as well as cracks and sentence damage, that is structural damage to the building.

– For example, if you see cracks between gypsum boards, you can be firesome that the job is done by an amateur and then there may be a lot of other tricks in the house too, he says.

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