Dream house

Did the front porch a nice oasis

Used furniture and green plants were all that needed.

Did the front porch a nice oasis

Basement and ceiling became endangered when photographer Trine Thorsen was to set up his new patio. The result is a wonderful oasis.

After many years in Oslo, Trine and his partner were ready for more rural surroundings.

It took half a year with views, then the apartment on Torshov was exchanged with a mansion on Hurum, with a terrace and large plot.

– We moved from 48 to 364 square feet, so we needed some new to fill the house. Fortunately, I had spent some time saving good things on the day we were going to move to the house. I had two litters and a basement store, laughing Trine .

Did the front porch a nice oasis

ON CLEAN: Here it is planted in jam and pots. A hat for sunny summer days brings hope of brighter times. Photo: Trine Thorsen

Looking for fleas

Did the front porch a nice oasis

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The first Trine would do in the new house was to decorate its long-awaited patio. Even after some years of samlemani, she had to run round flea markets and in second-hand stores to make the decor fall into place.

Toseteren in Rotting, she was lucky enough to get on a flea market in Sandefjord, for a hundred kroner. She exchanged the old pillows with some new ones. The side table and wooden shelf were bought in a local store, for a lick and nothing.

– Finding nice things in flea markets, which do not cost the world, give me greater satisfaction than expensive designer furniture. I’m fond of old scrap!

When shopping for used stores and flea markets for old furniture, patience is important. This is one of the most important tips for doing proper flea jumps.

Green fingers

Did the front porch a nice oasis

GREEN ENVIRONMENT: By decorating the porch with living plants you have a fresh and lush sanctuary. Lavender and marikupe are ready to be planted in the soil. Photo: Trine Thorsen

Did the front porch a nice oasis

USE: These chairs are found in a flea market, and have now revived the Trine porch. Newly planted snow roses and pelargonia in terracotta pots are green and fine in the frame. Photo: Trine Thorsen

A large flowerboard on wheels stood high on the wish list. That wished the cohabitant to come true. He carved a rugged and practical work desk of construction work and decking, just after Trine’s taste.

Did the front porch a nice oasis

Some colors are hippers than others

– I love to hold on flowers, and I can say I’ve got green fingers. Flowers are meditation for me, they cause my shoulders to lower a lot of notches. All stress disappears like dew for the sun. This is my sanctuary.

When the desk was in place, she went out to buy plants.

– I went a little berserk and came home with a lot of growth.

The challenge was finding something to plant it in. But with a little imagination and creativity, the problem solved. Old boxes, cakes, Norway glass and breadcrumbs were pulled out of the loft and basement.

The result was a delicious and different place filled with flowers and green plants.

– The outdoor area has good sunshine with sun from morning to early evening. One of the best is that it has a roof so it can be used regardless of weather. Since I have a home office and sitting a lot in front of the data, I think it’s great to take breaks outside, even if it’s raining, Trine concludes..

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Did the front porch a nice oasis

CREATIVE PLANTING: The massive flowerboard on wheels has the cohabitant made of pressure impregnated construction work and decking. Only the imagination limits what you can plant in. Here you will find, among other things, an old breadbox that has been useful. Photo: Trine Thorsen

Did the front porch a nice oasis

SMART STORAGE: An old bicycle bag from Aftenposten stores flower sticks and lecakulas while the garden tools are stored on the practical shelf under the table. Photo: Trine Thorsen

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