Did old school go to super home

In Colorado, a family made home of the old school building

Did old school go to super home

EVERY DAYS: In Denver, the old schoolhouse had great importance in the local community. Photo: Faleide Architects

Did old school go to super home

NEW ON JAM: Architects from Faleide Architects took the job of making new extensions to the old school building. Photo: Faleide Architects

Some buildings have existed as long as part of the local architecture that even when they have reached their end, there are fires that will make sure that these architectural monuments are not forgotten.

And sometimes it’s not just reuse of materials that apply, but entire buildings that get a overhaul and a new life.

In Denver, Colorado, this was the case for an old school building dating back to the late 19th century.

Wanted to keep the charm

Most of us are happy when we can leave the school bench once and for all. But for this American family, the dream was to make the home of the old school building.

The assignment was submitted to a local architect firm, Faleide Architects.

Ron Faleide explains:

– Reuse needs not only revolve around sustainability, although this is obviously a positive side effect. It may also come from a deep desire to preserve local culture and history.

The original school building was set up near Denver, Colorado towards the late 1800s and was from a very different place from the start; a school for rivers with many different needs.

– The family would preserve the charm and history of the building, while creating a home, telling the architect to click. no.

Created Contrasts

Did old school go to super home

FUSION: Modern interior in contrast to the old exterior of the building. Photo: Faleide Architects

The inside of the once old building is now totally new.

Did old school go to super home

MODERN: The kitchen is kept in modern style and color. Photo: Faleide Architects

The kitchen and living room are modern and contrast with the original part of the building, something the architects went in to achieve.

– The new part was created for the purpose of breaking the old school building. Although the new part grows that the old building, it should also be clear that the two parts are of different age and origin.


The structure, space feeling and materials used in the new part of the house are modern, but at the same time the home and history of the house through color selection and decor.

Did old school go to super home

In the time: It’s in the wind to make new ones. Photo: Faleide Architects

Several parts of the new part of the house are part of the original wall of the old school building.

Did old school go to super home

HOT COLORS: The living room in the house is stylish but kept in warm colors. Photo: Faleide Architects

The windows are also kept in the same style in both parts of the house, which also contributes to the feeling of the whole.


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Did old school go to super home

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Architect firm Faleide Architects took on the job of rebuilding the historic building. Photo: Faleide Architects

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