Did a little bath even less

This way you get a good room in a small bathroom

Did a little bath even less

Small bathrooms are a challenge, but space is obvious, but it is possible to get a functional bathroom on a few square meters anyway.

The bathroom of the Sandved and Ilstad family measures 1.6 x 3 sqm, and here they wanted to hug both shower, toilet, washbasin, changing table, towel racks, clothes rack, washing machine and cabinet.

And without feeling cramped.

Bad with smooth surfaces

Søren Sandved and Karen Ilstad are both architects, and used to think a little differently. It seems not least in their own kitchen.

But to make a small bath even less?

There are many good tips for success with small baths. However, reduction is not one of them. The architects went for another solution.

– We wanted to create neat, clean surfaces, and therefore chose to feed the wall about 30 cm. We have only left the volume that could not be used to any sense, “says Søren.

Did a little bath even less

FOUND OUT THE LONG WAY: The wall is fed out with approx. 30 cm. The cabinets are therefore deeper than they can give an impression of, and also accommodate the sister and the rear of the washing machine. A rescue step works like water repellent, protective protective curtain. The lampshades are from Artemide, and gives an outlet for Søren Sandved’s fascination for special light bulbs. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Small bathroom, large space

Behind the wall are the following: soil pipes, the cistern of the toilet, a storage compartment behind the mirror and a niche under the basin, with the rear half of the washing machine pushed in.

In other words, the wall hides everything that you really do not want to see.

The room was slightly smaller, but the expression became more tidy.

The lined wall extends to the shower wall. The shower room itself reveals the full width of the room.

In front of the window, Søren has mounted a box in acrylic glass that he built himself.

– The box works as a shield against visibility, such as shampoo shelf and splash protection.

The solution is, typically, nothing to stroll into a bathroom store and buy. The raw material has been purchased at Plastkompaniet – a place you hardly go unless you know what to wear. And what you can do with the material you buy there.

Would not drill in the bathroom wall

Did a little bath even less

WINDOWS WINDOWS: Smart storage space for the shower – at the same time as the light penetrates. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Also in the bathroom’s second long wall, Søren has been promoting his circular event. Here he has sneaked to a tripod with folding adjustable table. Also without drilling a single hole in the tile wall.

– The billboard should not be a permanent solution, so the purpose was to create a space efficient device that could be removed without putting track. The construction is tucked between floors and ceilings, and placed in plastic cups that protect the surfaces against scratches.

Hanging towel dryers

The hanging for towels and laundry hangs in the hooks from the ceiling and allows the tiles to remain intact..

Did a little bath even less

STEEL BOARD IN HELP: The stand is tensioned between the ceiling and the floor, and is mounted without drilling or screwing. The setup tray can be unlocked when not in use. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

– We really did not want to turn in the wall and tried a different solution to see if it worked. And it did. In addition, it is easier to get a firm grip in a concrete roof than in a tile wall. The string suspension allows us to easily adjust the height and distance between the shelves.

Søren and Karen would like to present the choice of materials:

– Pine and fir are easy to work with, easy to get in, affordable and also nice to look at, at least when you whit the wood. You need to be a little nonsense to copy the solution and you need good tools. But a piece of furniture should not be terrified of such a mission.

Did a little bath even less

DINGLING HAND CLOTHING: The rounded planks hang in cords attached to the ceiling. The strings are led discreetly through holes like is made with a column drill. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen


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