Design hotels for pure pleasure

At these hotels you can just enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.

Norwegians travel more, longer and more often than ever before. We have fallen in love with fast weekend breaks and enjoy taking the family on a trip to distant sky.

And in many of the Mediterranean countries, new hotels are still emerging with a high trend factor, where design and unique sleeping experiences are in focus. For ever more, children-free hotels want to be.

Bonytt. No have picked out any of the hotels we think are the most sexy and trendy. And with this list in front of you and the low cost airlines on the track, what are you waiting for? Here’s the place to book!

1. Belvedere Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

Norwegians love the Greek island, but are often not so unique in their choice of islands and hotels. On Mamma Mia Island Mykonos you can quickly be wise to believe you are in French St. Tropez or in Sardinia. Here, festive and rich travelers from all over the world gather together every summer. Most trendy you stay at the Belvedere Hotel.

The hotel, which classifies itself as a luxury luxury boutique hotel, is decorated in earth tones and white, white, white – or as the hotel itself says, Mykonos White.

Design hotels for pure pleasure

MYKONOS: Not so famous among Norwegians, but the little eye is known as Greece’s response to Ibiza. Photo: Hotel

2. Elounda Beach Hotel, Crete, Greece

Crete is, according to the travel operator Star Tour, Norway’s absolute favorite island when the summer holidays stand for the door.

If you would like to share the dream of Crete, but want to stay in style on the beautiful island of the island, yes, you can check in at the Elounda Beach Hotel.

The hotel, located on Elounda Bay in Crete, offers both hotel rooms, apartments and private villas, all in the 5-star class. The villas have all their own heated swimming pools, and are decorated in tight and modern style.

3. Five Hotels & Spa, Cannes, France

Say Cannes and most of us will let your mind flow to glitter, glamor and Hollywood stars. And at Five Hotels & Spa you live as a star yourself. The hotel has 45 rooms and 15 suites and is considered one of the finest 5 star hotels on the Cote d’Azur coast.

Embrace your most glamorous and sexy bikini and spend an hour or two at the beautiful pool.

4. Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel, Hvar, Croatia

Design hotels for pure pleasure

KRETA: Norwegians favorite in Greece. And not for no reason. Photo: Hotel

Design hotels for pure pleasure

LATE DAYS: There are not as many noisy tourists at the Elounda Beach Hotel as there are other places in Crete. Photo: Hotel

Design hotels for pure pleasure

SEXY: Who does not dream about starving on holiday in Cannes? You can do this hotel. Photo: Hotel

In recent years, more and more Norwegians have discovered Croatia, and you want to visit the country in style, yes, you check in at Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel. The hotel, considered one of the finest boutique hotels in the country, is beautifully situated overlooking the old town.

Design hotels for pure pleasure

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Here you will enjoy from beginning to end. Egyptian cotton bedding, deep colors and warm wood, this is a hotel that suits you who like the better things in life.

5. Almyra, Paphos, Cyprus

According to the design site The Coolist, the 5-star Hotel Almyra is a reincarnation of the famous Paphos Beach Hotel, dating back to 1972.

Almyra opened in 2003 and quickly became a popular choice for visitors to the popular holiday island of Cyprus. The hotel comprises a total of 189 rooms, including some suites, four full restaurants and pools with both seawater and freshwater. The entire hotel is equipped with free Wi-Fi, and even has its own “Baby Concierge”, which will ensure that even the smallest people enjoy their stay here to the fullest.

6. Hotel Grand Bretagne, Athens, Greece

If you are going to the Greek capital, there are few other hotels that are as impressive as the Hotel Grand Bretagne. The newly renovated luxury hotel has a total of 320 rooms and is decorated in a blend of classical and modern style – with every modern facility a guest could wish for. Here you will find unique works of art adorn the walls, the rooms are furnished with antique furniture and there is a view of the Acropolis from the main terrace.

Design hotels for pure pleasure

PREVIOUS: At Almyra you can lower your shoulders – and even your own baby boutiques take care of all the little things you want in your holiday. Photo: Hotel

Design hotels for pure pleasure

STRAM STYLE: At Almyra in Cyprus, it’s not as much as memories like the hotels we all know. Photo: Hotel

Design hotels for pure pleasure

BE WHO: Croatia becomes hippers and hippers. At Hvar you can enjoy warm sunshine, cold drinks and fun design. Photo: Hotel

7. Grace Hotel, Santorini, Greece

Design hotels for pure pleasure

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In Santorini, the dramatic little island with all the rock formations, you can choose and wrap between unique hotels. But do you want to embrace luxury on your holiday, yes, check in at Grace Santorini.

The boutique hotel has won a number of prestigious prizes for its design, including the magazine Tatler’s list of the 101 best hotels in the world in 2011.

Northwest of the island lies the hotel, and from the terrace one can see for yourself the amazing sunsets that Santorini is so famous for.

8. Marmara Antalya Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Many Norwegians swear to Turkey as their favorite destination during their vacation. The coast of Antalya is peppered with package travel, but if you want to enjoy a little different standard in your precious holiday weeks, then you should consider a stay at the Marmara Antalya Hotel.

This luxury hotel, which received Tripadvice’s award, the Certificate of Excellence, earlier this year, has large bright rooms designed to both wake up a sense of luxury while providing a feeling of being in an unpretentious “beach house”, explained on the hotel’s website.

Design hotels for pure pleasure

IN ATHEN: Stay in style – and overlooking the Acropolis – at this luxury hotel. Photo: Hotel

Design hotels for pure pleasure

STILRENT: At Grace Hotel Santorini, design lovers will find their holiday favorites. Photo: Hotel

Design hotels for pure pleasure

LEKKERT: Grace Hotel is an experience for anyone who loves modern design. Photo: Hotel

9. Puro Hotel, Palma, Majorca

Design hotels for pure pleasure

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The hippest of the hip has rediscovered Mallorca, which was all of the package travelers’ favorite in the 80’s. After a few years as a little tired holiday paradise, the little Spanish island has resurrected as a destination for those who appreciate sun and sand, but who can also imagine exciting food, fun drinks, exclusive shopping and unique hotels.

The most trendy you stay at Puro Hotel in Palma, which attracts amounts of cool tourists from far and near each year. All rooms have docking stations for the iPod or iPhone, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and modern art on the walls.. The large terrace is currently Palmas hippest look-and-see place.

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Each room is a piece of art

Design hotels for pure pleasure

TURKEY: Modern and welcoming at the Marmara Antalya Hotel. Photo: Hotel

Design hotels for pure pleasure

YES, THANK YOU: Who does not change the tired package tour hotel for a stay at Puro? Photo: Hotel

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Design hotels for pure pleasure

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