Dark roteloft became airy playroom

The dark riotoftet became a bright and heavenly playroom.

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

ROOM FOR LAW AND LAW: One part of the attic has become Eric’s favorite place in the house. Manuel Canova’s wallpaper is supplied by Hødnebø, while the hammock is from Brazil. Photo: Espen Grønli

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

See the bedroom before and after

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

Here is Norway’s finest children’s room

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

At first glance, this looks chaotic

The birds glide steadily from one short wall to the other. The small windows do not let in the world’s daylight.

Yet, heaven has made room.

It was a matter of making the dark ceiling bright and friendly. For here it was cramped, cluttered and inexhaustible. It did not even work as a room for smart storage solutions.

You did not go here unless needed.

Eric has been seven years old and mother Hilde wanted to make a room where her son could romp, both alone and with friends.

Of course, it was not enough to throw a sky blue wallpaper on one slope.

Lighting in the ceiling

The family had sought help from Bonytt’s interior engineering service, and was assisted by its interior designer MNIL Beba Vaxevanidou Holøyen.

It was obvious that the planning had to change. The attic room was completely opened, with the exception of a twig that was kept as a guest room.

One zone to each

Eric got his playroom at one end, while Hilde established a zone for himself and sitting in the other.

– Here is the possibility of building a room, but for the time being we have been. It’s great for me to be able to work and read while being with my son, “says Hilde.

This cost the conversion

Construction Products: $ 10,500

The wallpaper (four rolls): $ 2800

Wool blanket and sisaletppe: kr 16,000

Fatboy seat bag: kr 2200

Lighting: $ 800

Black bench: £ 5900

Wicker furniture: $ 10,000

Total: $ 48,200

Pale green pipe

The walls were not thicker than Eric himself could take part in the demolition.

It was also natural that he participated in the discussion about which colors would work best.

The interior designer pointed at the pipe. It could be painted in a different color than white.

But which one? Eric was allowed to decide.

The contraction is strange: The green-green pair of lilacs is a combination many interior architects have used in both private and public projects in recent years.

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

LOFTET WAS EXTREMED: The loft was a storage room. Now there is a living room. Photo: Privat / Espen Grønli

Trigger imagination

Hilde had no other concrete requirements than it would be possible to set up a hammock – more specifically a hammock she had bought on holiday in Brazil.

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

MANY VINKLER: The many angles give the room an exciting feel. Both floors, walls and beams are painted in white to get the most light. Photo: Foto: Espen Grønli

She knew the son’s imagination and knew that a hammock was more than a piece of fabric hung between two hooks.

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

MAMMA’S CROSS: At the opposite end of the attic Hilde has his little French hook. Wicker furniture from Studio Slettvoll. Photo: Espen Grønli

– When Eric is here with friends, it becomes a spacecraft in space. Or a boat on an ocean where there are swimming sharks around.

– How to nurture that imagination. Besides, it’s good to lie in, too two, “says Hilde.

Convenient under the slope

The hammock just floats over the floor.

– It’s easier for the little ones to get up and out of it. They also fool in the play because they do not have to be afraid to fall and fall.

At the top of the lucky castle

The main focus of the project is the change of floor plan and the use of the sky loss.

Otherwise, the room is furnished as a playroom most: A functional and warm carpet, a playpen storage chest, a hockey game and a seat bag.

Dark roteloft became airy playroom

SUR PIPE: The pipe was painted in an acidic contrast color, according to Eric’s own proposal. Photo: Espen Grønli

At the opposite end of the ceiling, the style is a bit different. Here, frankophile Hilde sits in a rural wicker chair, in the imaginary shadow of an artificial olive tree.

Interior Architects Tips

  • Take advantage of the illusory effect of the wallpaper. A wallpaper is more than decor. It also matters with how we experience the room. Using a wallpaper with a sky motive on a sloping wall makes it clear that the ceiling is lifted. White floors, walls and beams support this effect.
  • Make furniture. Think of the child; All furniture in a children’s room should be adapted to the height of the child.
  • Play on contrasts. Some room elements, in this case the beep, are fine in bright colors that contrast with the colors of the room by the way. It creates perspective and gives a pulse to the room.

Source: Studio Beba V. Holøyen

Because there is nothing wrong with the mum’s imagination either.

– This is our Château Heureux, she declares. Finally, it’s good to be in the attic too.

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Dark roteloft became airy playroom

HARMONIC TOYS: To make the carpet harmonize With the wallpaper, the resident brought a tapestry to Ledaal carpet. Thus, one could find a yarn composition that took up the color of the wallpaper. The carpet is used as a basis for play with legos and the like. Therefore it was important to choose a texture that meant that little things could not be lost in Ulla and which is also durable. Photo: Espen Grønli

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