Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

Woman Island follows you in every room at Sir Plantin Hotel.

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

Five apartments stacked on each other

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

Rescheduled ferry

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

Soap cookie became trendy apartment

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

Dream hut that takes your breath away

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

The house at Holmlia can be Norway’s toughest

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

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Already at the reception of this hotel, you meet with an eye-catching look from Antwerp’s and Belgium’s golden historical past.

How to proceed – with strong, picturesque motifs on the walls of the lobby, the dining room and not least the sensational bedrooms.

Wake up look

Both colors, interior details and not least the enormous historical motifs on the bedspreads can put a blast on you.

Everything is signed Tel Aviv-based Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture, a company that also has a drawing office in trendy Amsterdam.

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

DELICATE: Also in the rusty room is the viewing eye. Photo: Epoque Hotels

Gem site

– This is a rare, wonderful gem of a hotel, says anthropologist Gunn-Helen Eye to

– It is bold to spice an avant-garde hotel with sacred elements like nuns. Antwerp has a proud, historical history, and it is good to wake up and open your eyes in such exquisite rooms in this city.

Animal design

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

TRY TONE. Lime and yellow green are one of the trend colors of the year. Photo: Epoque Hotels

– In addition to elements that are small reminder of the past, the hotel also has rare and bold objects that have a future. Such as the lively spider lamp.

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

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Sir Plantin Hotel is also centrally located in Antwerp, just off the entrance to the historic Zurenborg district and near the magnificent old central station.

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

RU MIKS: The lounge area is also characterized by bold, contemporary design. Photo: Epoque Hotels

The area also has shopping streets, zoo and trendy restaurants.

James Bond

– We are thinking of this newly opened hotel as the industry’s “James Bond” hotel, says the representative of the Epoque Hotels chain Juan Palmada.

– But instead of a gun, we are equipped with silver platters, designer furniture and expressive d├ęcor.

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

DESIGN DESIGN: Already at the reception you notice the historical paintings and the harsh color combinations. Photo: Epoque Hotels


Palmada also claims that this is Antwerp’s first proper avant-garde design hotel and that it sets a new standard and is a model for other hotel decoration in the city.

For this reason, it is also nominated for the award IFMA Facility Award for 2011.

Antwerp attractions

  • Unique Buildings: The Zurenborg area from 1894-1906 features an exquisite collection of Art Nouveau style townhouses. Do not miss the charming “De Zonnenbloem” -house by architect Jules Hofman
  • A new icon: The new sixty-foot high culture tower MAS is a landmark and has already become a snak.
  • Diamond District: Antwerp is still the world’s diamond capital, and everything takes place around the Pelikaanstraat at the old central station.
  • Advanced Architecture: The modernist justice building, drawn by the prestigious Richard Rodgers Partnership, is like a small forest of tent-shaped towers.
  • Rubens: The house of master painter Peter Paul Rubens in Wapper Rubens Street is also a must.
  • Shopping: Of the many trendy shopping streets, the Meir promenade is the busiest.
Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

KUL MIKS: The sensational Moooi spider lamp adorns the dining room. It is also found in the Oslo Literature House. “Emco” aluminum lamps designed by Philippe Starck. Photo: Epoque Hotels

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